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  1. This is an option I'm really glad I've not heard of yet to cure acne. This would have to be the most dead last thing I would ever do and I'm not sure if I would ever do it to rid my acne. I'm shocked that your view on this is so light as well. Have your testicles removed is a big thing IMO
  2. So I woke up Saturday morn with a wicked sore throat and finally went to the doc on Tuesday becuase it was so bad. They gave me penicillin and I think it's helping, but I seem to be breaking out more than usual. They also gave me some vicodin that I'm taking. I hate to take all this crap, but my throat hurt sooooooo bad I couldn't even sleep more than 45 minutes. Back to the acne tip, I stopped doing the liver flushes as it was messing with my natural digestion and was making me feel depressed
  3. studied for finals most the day, then went to a bar for some drinks just before last call.....dopeness
  4. Ok, now this is going to sound weird, but it might just work. Save up some money for a good call girl, not a hooker, but an escort. It's classy and the girls are going to be clean for the most part. It will jump start you into dating and all that. Getting the deed done will free you of worrying about it all the time and allow you to focus on getting a girl and keeping the right one. I know its an out there thought, but think about it. And no, this is not a joke, I know someone that has done it
  5. Ok, I'm going to spill it out and get it over with (acne that is). Quick background, 22 year old male, had acne since 13 or 14 years old on my back then forehead and progressed from there to just about everywhere on my face and body at one point over the past 8 years. I got my face mostly clear with herbs and not lifting weights anymore:( So here is the plan. Over the summer I'm going to work my hardest to get rid of all or most of my acne. Liver flushes every 2 weeks, 24-36hr fast cleanse, vit
  6. Good job, them flushes are no joke. I just did my 4th the other day and have been feeling good about it. I'm going to do as many as I can every 2 weeks for while untill I'm clear or at least feel a whole lot better.
  7. take herbs in tincture form (mainly milk thisle, clove, neetles)? I have been told these herbs are as stong as modern meds and I wouldn't want to take meds over a long period of time, so I don't want to take too much herbs either.
  8. I'm doing one tonight and if all goes well, I will be doing them every two weeks for a while. I feel sooo good after I do one, but only lasts a few days. Hopefully that feeling will start lasting longer the more I do. Good Luck PJ
  9. I have a bit of chest/back acne problem and when I was in AZ this weekend I took my shirt off at the pool (usually don't) and the people I was with said it wasn't that bad at all. It's mostly a mental thing to get over. This summer I plan on getting a tan so its not as noticable, but thats not a good move I know, but I like being tan so funk it!!!
  10. I've been putting 70% Glcyolic on my back for red mark fading and it's been going quite well so far over the last 2 weeks or so. Well, I decided to apply in 2 times in one week and last night I put some on and it started to burn. I didn't take it off right away like I should have and now I have a chemical burn on my back. It funking hurts. I'm putting a 98% aloe gel on it cause I can't find 100%, but is there anything else I could put on it to help healing? I'm sooo stupid....haha:0)
  11. HAHA...you all rock!!! I'm not like super worried about it and it wasn't the only reason I didn't go, mostly I'm broke ass poor. I'm sure that I probably would be the one that cared about it more than anyone else and I would be drunk all the time, but it's best I didn't go to Mexico. I really don't want an STD at 22. It's good to know that some girls don't really care about it, but I still would rather not have it. Damn, I just need some time off school, these all night study cram sessions are
  12. Well, my spring break is almost here and I was planning on a trip to Mexico to hit the beach, hook up with some drunk girls, but my back looks like a mine field at the moment. I had this skewed view that I was going to somehow be clear and have my shirt off the whole time, that isn't looking like it will be happening. Now I'm just going to go down to Arizona to vist some friends, but I still want to go swimming and all that. This sucks. I might just say screw it and get all tanned (sun burned ma