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    Really works, reducs acne after a few months of CONSISTENT USE. It's good becase it works, while not being prescription. Skin should be almost clear in 3 months, and you should have very minor acne by 6. After that, skin should look normal. When incorporating into the whole cleansing routine it can get a little pricey. I need to buy my cleanser (Neutrogena) Mask (Body Shop) Toner (Biole) plus the Benzac. Overall, i'm paying about $50 a month. But it's well worth. I did experience some
  2. omgitsemily

    Pretty inexpensive, tightened my pores and VISIBLY reduced my acne. Don't know why, but it really worked well for my skin. And my skin is OILY. Smells a little weird, but it's not as bad as the mud one I used to use. It peels a little bit, so say if i'm reading with my mask on and I frown at something, there will definitely be lines showing up. Good, small little tub at a fair price. Worked well for my skin, but i'm going to go for a seaweed or one of the other Body Shp range. I only g