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  1. Well, I hereby claim this as a legitimate miracle. Even after sprouting a few ugly bumps during the time I was sick and on antibiotics, they have healed *much* more quickly than they would have, otherwise and the rest of my skin has been very forgiving of the few days of neglect. Additionally, I can now put products on my face that would have at least caused black-heads if not outright breakouts and my skin doesn't so much as hiccup. I've been using a thick self-tanner on my face for several
  2. OK, well, don't get too worried if you suddenly have an unexpected breakout right in the middle of the month for no reason. Go get a home pregnancy test now and have it on hand. Pregnancy will do things to your body you wouldn't have thought possible, and breakouts are just one of them. You may have several pregnancy symptoms you don't realize ARE pregnancy symptoms. Go to your doctor first if you really aren't sure. Good luck!
  3. OK, much better now. Fever gone, sinuses held at bay, still nose-blowing some but not as much with good meds. Last night, using same reg as the "First" Day 1: there are a few bumps that developed over the few days I was off the regimen, but they are insignificant. My nose is peely and dry, but that's to be expected during a cold or hay fever attack. I didn't have the stinging/itching I had during the "first" day 1, which I thought interesting. Wearing a little makeup now, minimum amoun
  4. You might look for Nivea Visage Alcohol-Free Moisturizing Toner, pink bottle. It's good wiped on with a cotton pad or sprayed on your skin with a mister.
  5. No! I say enroll in beauty school ASAP! What better place to have access to all kinds of products, information and treatments that an outsider might never hear about? Think about all the youngsters who will come to you later and how you will really be able to help them, not only with treatment but empathy? You could make a big difference in too many lives not to go for it.
  6. They aren't all like that. I tried the CG, too, and not only was it oily it broke me out terribly! If you aren't too budget conscious, try Clinique's Almost Makeup. It has a much more matte finish but with the same basic UVA sunscreen in it. It isn't very expensive, about $15 or so, but it is more than CG. I also like Neutrogena's Tinted Moisturizer (the white tube, not the brown one) and while it's not as matte as Clinique's, it's not as oily as the CG. Chin up! There's a LOT of m/u to t
  7. I think about it about the way I think about women and make-up: a good, tasteful make-up job looks very nice and enhances the best features of the wearer. An over-done job looks like clown make-up. More and more men I know are wearing tinted moisturizers that have UVA sunscreens in them, and those who have scars but who haven't had any cosmetic surgery done, yet, wear a little conealer over the darker scars just to hide them a bit. Men have the added obstacle of whiskers. It really helps
  8. Regimen suspended. Respiratory infection confirmed. Fever making skin especially sensitive and nose-blowing at 30-second intervals wipes off all the stuff, anyway. Can't wait to get back on it, though. Expect great results.
  9. One new, but small, red bump, way back on upper-jaw, near right ear. Everything else the same. I see more blackheads, but I also know that over the next few days, they will start to disappear one by one as I apply the medicine each night before bed. May have a little difficulty with my nose-area for the next few days; I've developed a cold (or a major hay-fever attack) all-if-a-sudden, and had to keep re-applying the med to my nose every time I blew it. Foturnately, the sinus med
  10. ~Neutrogena Healthy Defense Moisturizer, Tinted (white tube in skincare aisle, not the brown on in the cosmetics aisle) is my favorite, sheer-coverage foundation that uses zinc oxide as it's UVA sunscreen rather than titanium dioxide. I have learned to avoid t.d. as it breaks me out like the rising of the Rocky Mountains. It isn't very matte, though. ~For a soft-matte-finish sheer-coverage foundation, I like Clinique's Almost Makeup. It says in the ingredients that t.d. is the "active" sun
  11. Tried the regimen in the daytime yesterday and managed about 8 hours, about the same as it would have been had I worn it overnight. But it never did stop itching like crazy! Finally at about 9PM I'd had enough, rinsed of my face really thoroughly (no cleanser, just water) and slopped on a good, homemade moisturizer I've had around: a mix of plain aloe gel, Paula's Choice Non-Greasy Lotion and some plain glycerin/rosewater. To: Vanessa -- I did decide to move away from the salicylic acid and
  12. Sounds really like a good way to exfoliate. Softening all the dead skin cells so they're easier to wipe off. Doing it more than once makes sure you don't leave behind any stubborn stragglers (and do we all know how stubborn the stragglers can be.) May try it, but not while my skin is as sensitive as it is right now. Going to give the bp treatment a decent try, first.
  13. ALREADY!? The few larger spots are still there, but I started only last night, and except for the dry, top layer of skin, all the redness is gone and all the small spots -- gone. I had initially said I would go easy on the moisturizer, but I can already see that just won't do. I've got a nearly-brand-new tube of Murad's Acne Lotion with salicylic acid (but not enough to do anything) and it's thin, but not greasy and still enough to soften my skin. I'm a little like Harp: is this just a co
  14. Well, I guess we'll find out together. I'm going to go easy on the moisturizer, though; I've never found one that didn't clog a pore somewhere, but I do have seveal good spray-on moisturizers that will help quite a bit. Fortunately I have ample supplies of 2.5% and I'm gonna pack it on like Mom and Granny used to pack on their "face cream." I don't know when or if it will start to work. We're all different, and I'm female with hormones that have signed their own constitution, but use my fa