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  1. I found this remedy here. I am so bad at navigating this site that I have never been able to find it again. But I have been doing this for so many months that I don't even know how long it's been. Maybe 8 months? Maybe more. Anyway, it was posted by someone who said to wash your face with a gentle soap, use apple cider vinegar all over as an astringent (I have never before been able to use an astringent. It always made things worse.) and then put coconut oil on your face as a moisturizer.
  2. lisa875

    Works great when followed with coconut oil! This is probably the best my skin has ever been. Stings a little, smells like vinegar of course This is amazing and I read about it here. I cannot find the post I read to thank the person (they had left their e-mail) but it works best for me as she suggested. I use the apple cider vinegar as an astringent and then I use a VERY small amount of coconut oil right after. It is a natural antibacterial I guess. The first time I did it I had a cyst on my
  3. Hey, 3 days ago, I found this site and a woman who was a dr. from Portugal said to use no soap on your face, use apple cider vinegar (I figured it was topical) and then coconut oil because it is some kind of anti bacterial, anti fungal thing. Well, I happened to have all of those things so I tried it and I am having the most awesome results I have had in 25 years (ugh) of battling acne. I used accutane about 20 years ago and did not have a problem for many years but now I am 43 and breaking o