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  1. I've been really sick these past few weeks to the point where I could barely get out of bed. Now I'm finally getting better but im having a mild break out all over my face. I'm wondering if it's because I wasn't washing my face or using my epiduo regularly when I was sick. Now I've started again, do you think my skin should calm down again?
  2. I have a date in two hours and I don't have acne that bad anymore but today I woke up with this one: http://imageshack.us...2011at1012.jpg/ it looks more red in real life I think I'm so frustrated and worried that I'll be rejected because of it, should I just cancel? This is really annoying because I've already bought the train ticket -.- I've tried icing it and treating it but it's not budging
  3. take both antibiotics and use topicals? That's what I do, it will be more effective.
  4. Actually, I tend to find that people with acne or who have had it in the past are usually the ones that find it hugely off-putting. I guess it's because they've been through the torment of looking in the mirror and thinking "My face is so ugly and unattractive, I'm going to be alone forever" so when they see someone else with acne, it's like looking in the mirror and they feel the same emotions of repulsion.
  5. I'm 16, so not as old, but I feel the exact same way you do. I strongly recommend you see a therapist. I see you're from the UK so it will be free. I know it's hard to talk about, especially if you're a guy but it's so worth it. and don't worry, you're still young! Don't think about the past, concentrate on the future. Few of us are truly happy in this world.
  6. I'm on epiduo and it's doing great for my inflamed acne but I still have a lot of clogged pores, and I've read that retinoids can leave dead skin on the face. So I was wondering if it's okay to use the Clairsonic in the morning and epiduo at night? it seems like the most gentle means of exfoliation to me.
  7. I've been on Epiduo (retinoid) for about three months and my inflamed acne is better but I still have a lot of clogged pores under my skin. Will these inevitably become inflamed? Will Epiduo get rid of them eventually? Should I squeeze them out or not?
  8. They look too irritating for my liking, I might try a sugar-based exfoliant.
  9. I've gone from moderate acne to very light acne over the last few months through various treatments (pm me if you want to know what I did). However, although I now only have 2-3 small pimples on my face now, my skin looks.. tired I guess haha. I have dry patches and I get redness around my my mouth and my skin looks generally pasty and dull. I also have a fair bit of PIH but I know that will go in time. Does anyone know how to make skin look more vibrant without irritating it too much? I'm stil
  10. Well, for starters, that derm is very irresponsible for recommending Accutane, you don't qualify at all. A few pimples around your chin isn't going to alter your attractiveness or how people generally perceive you. You probably need a therapist more than anything.
  11. I've been taking 5g of B5 and it's helped my acne but it's not cleared it so I'm going on accutane when I get my blood work back. Would it be okay to take B5 with Accutane, seeing as B5 is water soluble, maybe I should reduce the dose to like 2g?
  12. Just use both. Antibiotics are just a short term solution though, your acne will come back eventually after you stop your course. Well, unless you grow out of it.
  13. My skin is not as bad as yours and I managed to persuade my derm to give me accutane haha, so yes.