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  1. Hey Daniel, Congrats on the great results! I'm also using differin 0.3 but with duac and have also cleared up my skin significantly. I'm only 1/2 chinese but I'm experiencing the hyperpigmentation associated with having asian skin Differin doesn't seem to be getting rid of my marks for me, do you have any suggestions? Tora
  2. From your most recent photo, you have a really nice face Please don't don't put college on hold. I personally didn't start getting bad and inflamed breakouts until I got to college AND after I went on birth control. If you really feel like the acne will distract you from studying and want some results from the accutane before you start, perhaps you should consider looking at schools with a "mid-year" programme so that you can start a semester late instead of a year late. If that doesn't sound l
  3. I was on mino. for only 2 months and recently finished the course of antibiotics. It really cleared my skin up and I had no issues coming off it without tapering down. I'm also on combination Duac/retinoid treatment and I find that the topicals are working just fine without the antibiotic. I have exams this week so i'm getting some very tiny clogged pores from stress on my nose, but once I'm done with my last test they will clear up. For me I know that the key thing to keeping my skin clear wi
  4. kuropanda

    Quickly: Reduces inflammation Shrinks blemishes Over time: Improves the texture of the skin Prevent new blemishes from forming Smells odd Oily The product that I use is 100% pure. The brand name is East Cape and I got mine from Koru Naturals. As a spot treatment, this is a great product if you do not mind putting oil on your face. However I would not recommend it for all over use because the bottle only contains a small amount. Additionally try not
  5. Even before I ended my antibiotics, I've been taking supplements to help my body preform at its best. These are the ones that I take for my skin: One a day teen advantage vitamin E 400 IU There are a whole bunch of supplements out there, but I'm looking for one that would help with dark spots. I've heard that vitamin E is supposed to be good for them when applied topically, however I have certain reservations about applying it directly to my skin after watching this vid: . As a pre-med
  6. First I would like to introduce myself as kuropanda and I'm a rising sophomore at a very stressful University. Last year (2010) at around this time I started to suffer from moderate, chronic acne as a result of stress from the transition from high school to university. Through most of the 2010-2011 academic year I had at least one blemish on my face . Additionally the drastic change in diet really did a number on my skin my skin and energy level (college food is possibly lower on the ladder th