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  1. Part of it is that I am critical of my appearance (and I worry that I'm not a good enough conversationalist). There are some girls at work that are acquaintances and the same at school, but I just wish there were something I could do to make myself more enticing to them. When I had acne I would never converse with girls and I thought that things would change now that I rarely breakout. I thought that was holding me back. As it turns out acne was just a physical manifestation of how I felt on the
  2. Thanks guys, I hope someone is out there. I had never really had such a natural feeling of chemistry with anyone, so it's hard. And we both work together the same hours, so I'm trying to avoid her but at some point I feel like something will need to be said because I feel so terrible about being so insistent. I think I love too much and care and want someone to love that it sabotages my chances. I really admire her, though. It's really a sad hopeless situation. I appreciate the encouragement
  3. I want to, before I go a little in-depth, share with you my diet and cleansing routine. My diet simply consists of lots of celery and salad, I cook eggs for protein, eat a vegetarian diet. I still get away with eating things like cookies and chips and I drink a lot of soda, so maybe for some people the effects of diet are overstated, or perhaps nonexistent. I follow the regimen precisely and it seems to help. Occasionally I'll have green tea. I just wanted to share my feelings because I am
  4. My theory is that it isn't processed foods, wheat, dairy, etc. that cause acne. Rather, insufficient levels of nutrition and not having enough vegetables and such in your diet may have some effect, possibly. Anyone who tells you that diet certainly is or is not (either way) a contributing factor is wrong; we simply do not know for a fact.
  5. A healthy diet may, through placebo and improving your mental health, alleviate acne, but diet is not the cause of acne. Acne is due to a genetic predisposition: excessive oil production and accumulation of dead skin cells. I also firmly believe in a correlation between stress and acne. OP, I would give the Regimen once daily a shot.
  6. This is what I've had to do to combat the dryness, and I've read where other users have done the same. I would give it some time and see if it's effective for you this way, 1x a day.
  7. I am so sick of hearing about this that I could hurl. There is no proof of any correlation, it is merely coincidental, never mind the fact that it takes weeks for a breakout to form. And before anyone gets defensive and starts throwing ad homs at me, I do not masturbate. K? Okay. My only motive is that I am tired of misinformation. And if you're really committed to the premise or the argument that it's related to hormonal fluctuations, then you better be sure that you don't exercise, either.
  8. Cuople of things..1) Occam's razor - is it more reasonable to develop these complex theories (masturbation, diet), or to accept the fact that we break out because we have acne-prone skin and a therefore succeptible to breakouts at times, however coincidental they may seem? It's all rooted in this belief that many of us have that it is our fault that we have acne (our diets, lifestyle, etc). It must be our fault, someone's to blame, right????? Right????? Well, no. It isn't our fault. It isn't.In
  9. Chin up! You have a precious child to be there for, and I know there are people who love you and care about you no matter your skin's appearance. I'm not at all trying to make light of the situation, but I know, as someone who has a disability and who has had trouble with acne, that this is one of life's unfortunate, cruel jokes. With time, this will pass. Be assured that through and through, you'll emerge a much stronger person because of this.
  10. yeah, that has to be what the O.P. means.
  11. Thanks, I'll consider the Cetaphil lotion. Did you have breakouts with AHA? And thanks, Vanity. ....Maybe I just need to use BP only every other day. Maybe the BP is just too drying for me to use every other day. And it's not like I'm using large amounts, either.
  12. ..I've never had any problems with breakouts because of rubbing my skin. I am having problems with flakiness after 7 months (on and off flakiness) and I don't know what the hell I'm doing wrong. Do I need to do the regimen every other day? Do I need to skip using the cleanser until every other day or all together? I'm helpless. This would be a perfect regimen if my skin wouldn't be so damn dry. I use Olay Complete all day UV protection for sensitive skin. I wish I knew in advance whether Joj
  13. Can someone please help me or offer some suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it because I don't want to have to quit.
  14. What could be the reason why I'm still experiencing flakiness and dryness after almost 7 months? This happens off and on. I'm following the regimen strictly. Also, is Jojoba oil safe to use? I hear so many conflicting views on Jojoba oil. Thank you.
  15. It will dry you out like crazy and will cause major flakiness.