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  1. Yea, I know what you mean. Its just hard to keep your chin up and then come across a mirror and be put down again. I am trying though. thanks for the support.
  2. I am a guy, recently single and I had the horrible experience of being told by my ex that she "would find me attractive if I didn't have acne". I was so taken back by this that its totally changed by social life. feel as though every first impression is now a bad one because of my acne. I kinda just want insurance that there are some people that look past that. I know I do.
  3. I know what you mean. Im 19 ans single. My friends tell me im "good-looking" but im almost positive they are being nice. I feel like every first impression is a bad one because of acne. You know?
  4. Im a 19 year old guy and I know exactly how you feel. My friends tell me "don't let it bother you" "its not THAT bad" "it could be worse".... i hate all of these sayings. I know it doesn't look good right now but im sure it will work out for you. Just stick with it. Dont let it upset you, im sure it will get better!
  5. I am 19 and have had acne since the end of 8th grade. I wouldn't say its "horrible" but its bad enough to make me constantly think about it and get me all depressed when I look in a mirror. I am going to my dermatologist tomorrow. I hope to start Accutane soon. I just want to make sure that it is worth it before I go through with it. I have tried almost everything else and some stuff works for the first week and suddenly stops working.(which is a huge let down!) What do you think?