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  1. I have done a search on the internet on whether turmeric contains tannins, but the answer remains elusive. Some sites related to migraines and tannins report that turmeric does in fact contain them. However, this information is not widespread of presented from definitive sources.
  2. I've used Dr Blaine's Complete Scar Treatment. It also has some silicon sheets, plus a solution. I have had good results on some keloids with this treatment, but as already mentioned it can take a long time to see results.
  3. I've probably had over ten injections. These helped my keloid flatten, but they require continuous treatment. I also found that at some point the injections where no longer effective and they reddened my keloids. I don't see myself getting anymore injections. In the past I have tried Dr Blaine's Complete Scar Treatment. While this is slow going, I did have some good results. Are there many people that have tried the black paste from the Jamu Shop? I am interested in this treatment, but fearfu
  4. This is an old post that I came across. Has anyone else tried this treatment? I'm wondering what is known as being effective for keloid scars.
  5. While a good supplement can certainly help for your general health, I do not have faith that they can help for acne. There are many treatments available on this site which are a better route, IMHO. Check out the reviews section of the site: http://www.acne.org/reviews/index.php?sear...&item_name= If I where you, I'd start with the lemon juice daily for about four weeks and see how things are going then. The best all-around single multivitamins I have found are: http://www.feelalive.com/
  6. In any case, daily drinking is linked to some serious diseases. http://news.bbc.co.uk/today/hi/today/newsi...000/9451086.stm There should be a ton of other information available if you look around.
  7. I have taken that almond milk. Nearly every dairy product gives me acne. This almond milk (the unsweetened version) had no impact on my skin. You are probably safe here as well. Soy milk was ok for me too. Coconut milk didn't go so well though. Coconut aggravated my skin.
  8. Why not eat smaller meals, and have of them more during the day? For example, if you where eating three meal previously make the same amount of food fit into five meals. You can also add a little bit of food too to each meal... Usually what makes you feel tired is lack of glucose in their bloodstream/liver. Glucose results from the break down of carbohydrates. Any carbohydrate really should make you feel better.
  9. There is some documentation that says green tea is good for acne. But I don't think anyone in the world drinks tea the way you are. Unless you want to consider yourself a test subject and find out the effects of long-term of high green tea usage is, I would stick to more normal levels of intake. A normal amount is perhaps a tea cup or two a day. Have you tried lemon juice? I have been having very good luck with this lately. Many people here on the site report these results as well.
  10. Red tea and green tea are documented as helping with acne. Personally I did not have much results with these teas. More recently I introduced lemon juice into my diet. Lemon juice so far (after 2 weeks) is the real deal. It allows me to eat foods that previously gave me acne. Give lemon juice a try.
  11. I can understand your pain. For a long time I struggled with my acne and now that its under control I'm always a bit hesitant putting anything on my skin or changing my system. Vitamin E and aloe vera is also bad for my skin. But I have been trying apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and tea tree oil to help reduce the red spots. I've been applying it every day for less than a week. So far it has not given me any additional acne. The red spots are turning into brownish spots. I am co
  12. I am new to this arena. Like yourself I saw many possible treatments. Personally I am starting with a solution of: 1/3 apple cider vinegar, 1/3 lemon juice, 1/3 water, plus a few drops of tea tree oil. I chose this set because it seemed like the most easy to work with. I placed these liquids into a spray bottle and apply it topically. These ingredients are also all natural. Since so many people have reported results with these ingredients I have trouble believing it will not work. However, I a
  13. How long did each of you try the ACV and lemon for? I've been using this for about a week and see that the redness has shifted to a sort of brown color. At this point I'm committed to trying this for the next 12 weeks or so. My solution is 1/3 acv, 1/3 lemon, 1/3 water, plus some drops of tea tree oil.
  14. I like yourself suffer from red spots due from past acne. After researching this site the solution I am currently trying it: 1/3 apple cider vinegar, 1/3 lemon juice, 1/3 water, plus some drop of tea tree oil. This is a topical treatment. I have only been applying this treatment for about a week, but I am already seeing improvements. The redness has shifted to a sort of brown color. Many people report success with this natural treatment. I am going to test it for 12 - 24 weeks.
  15. What seems to help your skin may or may not help the OP. Again, most advice given here will be BULLSH*T. If you suggest something to the OP to try, I want you to provide a link to one single scientific study from a reputable medical/scientific journal to prove that X type of food will improve or worsen acne. I doubt anyone can do that. That is why I told the OP that "This is good advice for staying healthy overall but it may not help your acne." I'm not the one giving OP false hope that eating