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  1. aw man I really feel for you , what was it you were using when it got better for a while? don't lose hope there will be something for you that works even if it takes its time showing up
  2. I have similar scars, for nearly a year I have been doing a 12.5 tca chemical peel every few weeks or so my skin seems to have a good tolerance to it, it has blended my scars into my surrounding skin a lot so my scars are barley visible unless close up but they are by no means gone, it also took away a lot of redness which can make ur scars look wayyyyyy worse than they actually are. Keep us informed of any treatment you may try and good luck !
  3. . I started noticing a big difference in breakouts after around 3 weeks of taking a high dosage of zinc daily.
  4. I was the opposite i started getting loads of spots after i stopped smoking and down-hill from there. I took a high dose of zinc a day religiously amongst other essential vitamins and now i never get them apart from the odd one or two around that month i belive zinc is the main factor in my face being acne free, however its the scars after that are not so easy..do you use sun protection if you have been using bp and other creams? if your skin is already irritated from trying a fair few products
  5. Mr matt have you seen continued progress in your scars using tca peels? I have with my scars but from icepicks they have now developed into shallow boxcars at least i think... Is this a good sign my scars are gradually filling in and blending into my surrouding skin? @ acneacnegoaway i see minor scaring some of mine given time have vanished completly the very shallow ones, a lactic peel could do wonders for them red marks i had great sucess with one of them, i can see why you are Apprehensive t
  6. If its just the odd spot on your face id go for it, ive done many tca peels and had the odd one or two spots on my face it just dried them out and peeled with the rest of the skin no damage, however if it is mild/moderate or even severe i wouldnt chance it. Good luck with it.
  7. i love how your always so nice and supportive of people its really nice!
  8. Hi thatusernameisalreadytaken i actually agree with you mine scars are much less noticable and softened after doing some light peels there not gone but are a hell of a lot difficult to see , Different things work for different people surely we all know that! What scarring have you got?
  9. Hi just wondering if you have had any success in treating your acne months down the line ?
  10. Hi, ive never had scarring in my life from spots id squeeze the hell outta them you name it nothing !!!! i got a lot in a very short space of time so researched bp went out bought some, applied it ( probs a bit to much ) it did clear my spots very well but it left me with a lot of indentations !!!! and i swear it was that to this day no matter what anyone says i know my own skin, im led to belive that because i applied a bit to much it made my skin extremely sensitive making it very very prone t
  11. S'pose it just goes to show you, i can see your way of thinking! Johnny deep has pretty scarred skin you can see from his film the secret window whilst hes eating corn at the end, and i always thought he had amazing skin, i think its not as noticable to the majority but the minority espes when looking for it!
  12. Its similar to mine, mine has responded very well To peels, just keep doing them every so often i do tca 12.5 and also a light skin culture peel on the affected areas there by no means gone but comparing pictures for a year ago to now its a good improvement !
  13. I dont think you should have to explain yourself, clearly this is bothering you however ' minor ' it may seem to some.. just because it does not appear to be as severe as others and there scarring gives no one else the right to be judegmental and critical, theres to much of this on these boards at the moment! However minor or severe a persons scarring/acne should be, people come here looking for reassurance and hope not to be shot down. Rant over.
  14. yeah ive heard a lot about it to that the effects are only temp however i think when it refers to that it depends upon ur sun exposure how well you take care of ur skin, picking, popping, and re-damaging the area i dont belive they are though as i did a peel on an indentation i had on my temple 1yr ago and its exactly the same improvement from when i first did it, plus it stimulates collegen reproduction to to fill it in, guess everyone has different results though with them
  15. Ive had some great sucess using muac 12.5 tca peel im seeing my indents filling in more and more everytime i do it as well as my texture and redness in that area deffo need at least two weeks downtime, will be a long process until they are 100% filled in or close as to it as i can get but its a good cheap treatment to do yourself. Good luck with it