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  1. From my research in this matter I believe it's mostly caused by genetics, next down the ladder would how the chemicals in our body work eg (depression and anxiety causes me to have more break outs) and lastly may be your diet of how certain foods react to your body. just my opinion of what I have looked up and what I have experienced first hand.
  2. I was stunned how much came out then I laughed my *** off
  3. Greetings from New Brunswick!

  4. I'm aspiring to become a male super model! But seriously I know that feel bros
  5. Dear acne... Thank you for showing me that life is not all about how you look
  6. You should read Omega's post in the thread "The Differences Between Men and Women". I recommend not offering to help a girl with her acne unless she specifically asks for help! "if that would make her even happier about her life" I recommend you reading my whole post. I wouldn't care unless she asked for help
  7. it turns me off at first, but then once I get to know the girl her looks are one of the last things on my mind, plus I'm a guy that likes to help people so I would love to try and help her get rid of them, if that would make her even happier about her life. no I did not sugar coat this post
  8. Don't sweat the small stuff, there are ppl out there way more self concious that have to deal with actual health problems that make them shy away from society completely just keep a positive mind and focus on the good points like you said you don't have bad face acne, now put yourself in our shoes that have to deal with that. GL man