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  1. Late response. You may not see. I've been on spire since 2011 and still on it. Many people with congestive heart failure take it as it is a diuretic and taking it for acne is actually off label, but it's incredibly effective! I'm on 100mg a day and have been up to 200mg which is the highest you can go. 50 isn't bad at all. I would do spiro over BC, bc there are SOO many variations of BC and some can aggravate acne and make you feel crazy. BUT, it's up to you. You may develop irregular periods, a
  2. Your gynecologist would be able to help you with this. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to take "typical" BC with both progestin and estrogen, so I got stuck with the mini pill with is solely progestin which could make my skin worse. Luckily so far it hasn't... I'm assuming the 100mg of spiro I take is helping with this. I wasn't sexually active at the time I was looking for BC and my gyno knew that my only option would potentially make my skin worse so she had me hold off. They've dealt with s
  3. I've been on Spiro for three years and just started BC last month. My periods were a little irregular, but it really has treated my acne well and continues to do so. I'm currently on 100mg. My acne isn't perfect still, but much more manageable. it's probably 80-90% better than it was three years ago. It took about 4-6 weeks to see any noticeable improvements for me. I did notice my skin was less oily after about 2-3 weeks. I still got some cysts for the first 2 months or so, so do not give up ye
  4. feebedel


    Three years on Spiro... Still works fairly well Still have flair ups, but no crazy cystic acne. I haven't posted in a year, but I'm looking to ween myself off the medication. I may start to reblog should I start doing this.
  5. feebedel


    My periods are not regular, but they never were before Spiro either. I did have the period every two weeks when my dose was higher, now it's more of a normal cycle, flow and duration. Also, still clear. The end of this month marks 2 years! How time flies!
  6. I don't have a cyst on my ovary (that I know of), but I had the same thing happen. I turned 19 and I suddenly had cysts on my cheeks that were like welts. It took me 2 years different treatments until my doc prescribed me spiro. I'm 100mg a day and it's worked really well for me. I've been on it for 2 years now and had some break outs, but NOTHING like it used to be. I'm also less oily. So I'm hoping it will work for you!! It was my last resort as well and it did the trick. Keep us updated!
  7. Sorry for the delay, but no I've not done anything for my red marks. I've sort of just gotten used to them and they've faded considerably over time.
  8. feebedel


    Still nothing to update since my last posting. I've been on Spiro since August 2011 and it's still working well for me. I think my dose was too high and my periods are more regular now which is good. But yeah, I have mild to no acne. My skin is smooth and I just have have a little scaring but nothing bad. I hope it stays this way! I hope this log helps people. So far I'm a success story, but its an ongoing journey. Also, ask me anything. Good luck
  9. Hey! I started Spiro in Aug 2011 after everything else failed me. I had cystic acne and it was awful. Finally my doc got me on Spiro. I was on 150mg until like July 2012 when my acne got worse (like I was constantly PMSing) and I increased to 200mg a day and was put on 200mg of doxy. I didnt' like how I felt and my periods were almost nonexistant. I felt that wasnt' healthy so I decreased everything to 100mg a day and after about two to three months I became regular again and my acne went away.
  10. Hey! I started Spiro August 2011 which seems like forever ago now that I think about it. Anyway, I had cystic hormonal acne and I was on 150mg for a long time and it worked wonders! After about 4 weeks I could tell my skin and hair were less oily. I used to have to wash my hair like twice a day. It was awful. I had really clear skin with mild breakouts around my somewhat random periods. Then in the summer of 2012 my face got bad again. ALmost as bad as it was. So my doc upped my scripts to 200mg
  11. feebedel


    I can't take anything with estrogen, apparently, since I have auras, I'm like 19 times more likely to have a stroke. BUT my face is really doing well. I actually dropped to 100 mg of spiro and 100mg of doxy and things are going well!
  12. feebedel


    Alright folks, I'm on Spiro and Doxy now to see if I can clear up this weird white head situation. I don't really get cysts a lot, but I have like normal hormonal mild acne. I just wish I wasn't on all this crap!
  13. Hey, I've been on spiro for over a year. I"m on 200mg now because unfortunately I'm the rare case whose acne keeps coming back. But it does still help a lot. It also makes my skin much less oily which was a plus for me. I have a log of about six months of my spiro experience that you can look at... Its probably on my page. But anywho, now I"m taking doxy with spiro and it's helping more, but I know once I stop it'll probably come back but eh, we'll see.
  14. It sounds like you're the perfect candidate. Fairly severe cystic acne and nothing else worked? Yeah I think Accutane will do the job. Just don't get pregnant, but it sounds like you've done your homework. I'd go for it.
  15. Heyyy! How is it going now? I think my face is calmer. It's not clear, but the acne I do have isn't inflamed. I dunno how much it's doing. I would save I have mild to moderate acne. Mild on my good days and moderate on my bad. I'm interested to hear your story about taking both spiro and doxy!