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  1. Day 1 Post Accutane Recapping my doses Month 1 & 2: 40 mg Month 3 & 4: 60 mg Month 5, 6 & 7: 40 mg For a total of 9600 mg (if my math is correct) over 210 days and I weigh about 75 kg at most for 128 mg/kg total. I actually finished my last pill yesterday April 15. I’m a bit nervous about what will happen now that I’m off it, but no more so than starting Accutane in the first place, less so actually. So what happened to me over 210 days? Well my face was a mess before st
  2. Day 101 It's been a while since I last updated, firstly I hope everyone had a good holidays. I finished my seventh semester of university and start my eighth and final on Jan. 9. I was really lucky that I had some good friends to help me out through the last few months. Remarkably the ONLY people that have really said anything about my acne was one idiot "friend" the first day of classes and mostly old people like grandparents and nosy aunts, most people just STFU which is the way I prefer i
  3. Thanks man! Social support is probably the best to help a guy get through this, even if it's online so at least we know we're not alone! Once I feel like it I'll post up pics, but again it's not exactly a top priority for me. Did my first 60mg today, I think I'll stay at this dosage for a while.
  4. Day 60 Can't believe it been two months, seems like not long ago I was just starting my semester and Accutane. An update, I took another photo at around day 42ish and the bumps on my forehead are definitely going down and it's becoming slightly less red. Taking photos aren't exactly high on my priority list. ALP levels came down so doctor increased my dosage to 60mg a day, consisting of a 40 and two tens. Blood tests all came back cool. Now that I've been in school for a while, I've noti
  5. Day 30 Well my first month of Accutane is done, a combined dose of 1200 mg taken. But comparing pictures, my face is definitely in worse condition now than it was a month ago, more red marks and bumps totally bummed out but I'm still hoping for the best. I guess this is my "initial" breakout. Physically and mentally I feel alright, but kind of disappointed. Not much else to report, next month will be 40mg as well, I hope to see some improvement soon.
  6. Day 19 My blood tests came back pretty good, my ALP was 133 where the upper limit was 130, pre-accutane it was 120, however it seems that ALP limits can vary from lab to lab, I've seen up to 140 and lows of 100 I did eat a bunch of pork ribs 12 hours before my blood was drawn (soooo good those ribs). Needless to say my doctor is continuing me on another month of 40mg and I'll do another blood test in November. I feel pretty good, today was stressful due to a report I had to get done for
  7. Day 13 Well my lips are now dry and have to constantly use lip chap, I had an extremely minor nose bleed while in the shower this morning. No mood changes, in fact I feel pretty good. Any soreness has more or less gone away. My nose is a lot less oily for sure, but there still is some oil but it's thicker than usual, it's weird. Years ago, before I was ever on or heard about Accutane I had some the symptoms of its associated side effects, dry lips, dry skin, nose bleeds (it got bad enoug
  8. Day 7 Still feeling pretty similar to my last update, my lips are getting drier, enough so that I have to use lip chap before bed, but none during the day. I woke up sore this morning but it wasn't too bad, the soreness went away later in the day. No mood changes or anything, just a touch of soreness and a bit drier. There are some small itchy rash like spots on my legs but truthfully I've always been an itchy person, absent mindedly scratching occasionally, but even so my skin is healing we
  9. Thank you all for the replies, and thanks Crystal I can use all the luck I can get! Just a small update Day 4 I took my fourth pill tonight and really am feeling pretty normal, nothing really strange happening. Yesterday I felt slightly sore like after exercising, the feeling persisted until about this evening. I was pretty stressed out today though due to my schoolwork and my boss calling me in to work even though I told him last week I couldn't, so I was rushed all day. Other than tha
  10. Background: I never really had an acne problem even in my teenage years until summer of this year (~June 2011) then I broke out like crazy. My cheeks got it the worst, my body has pretty much remained the same, just my face was assaulted. I tried Dan's regimen for around a month (clean, treat and moisturize) and it may have helped prevent new breakouts but it more or less dried my skin out like crazy and irritated it quite a bit. I still do use the acne.org cleanser though, but that's it
  11. Engineering company, mostly sitting behind a computer, but at school I have to face everyone, I see it as a challenge, one that I will prevail over.
  12. For me I broke out over the summer and didn't see a lot of my friends until school started up last week, I was surprised at how many said absolutely nothing and trust me my problem is VERY visible. I'm growing to learn to accept myself, but not only myself but others as well, in a perverted way acne has opened me up to be more engaging towards other people. Yes I still get the long stares from some random but whatever, fuck them I don't know them and I don't want to know them. Don't get me wro
  13. Interesting, I'm in Alberta and just got a prescription for 40mg of Accutane by Roche which is what is says right on the prescription, so I was curious what brand I'd get since as you said their patent ran out in the US and they discontinued it and what not. I probably won't start it for a week for so though, kind of nervous but glad to be on the road to recovery. I'll be following your log! Good luck!
  14. I was wondering what brand of isotretinoin you're using? Is it Sotret, Claravis, Amnesteem, none of the above?