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  1. hoi andere Ductchies, ik heb twee weken geleden de uitgebreide acne.org kit besteld, dus inclusief de jojoba olie en AHA+. dit kostte 66 euro incl de goedkoopste verzendoptie, maar bij aflevering van het pakket moest ik nog eens 21 euro betalen (wat ik toen niet contant in huis had, moet het dus nog ophalen op het postkantoor.) een nare verrassing... begrijp ik het goed dat je met de kit van alleen de drie 'basisproducten' geen extra kosten krijgt?? ik sta te springen om het uit te gaan probere
  2. that's really strange. I don't have an answer for you on how that could happen. but I understand the UK version of the Cetaphil cleanser worked well for you?
  3. Okay, I've been keeping track of how often I get a new zit, how many days they remain 'active', and how many days they last as a scab. Scabs and red marks do not count as 'active acne', only papules and pustules do. week 31 new zits: 3 average number of 'active' days per zit: 2 'active acne'-free days: 2 week 32 (still on regimen with drugstore-bought products, will start using acne.org stuff tomorrow!) new zits: 4 average number of 'active' days per zit: 1 'active acne'-free days: 4
  4. Okay I read somewhere that the actual cause of acne is a bad working liver!! Is there any scientific research on this? The text explained how diet is related to acne, but that it works through the liver! So not all people who eat certain things get acne, just the people who's liver does not function very well. The explanation was that things like sugar and diary make your body produce hormones that cause acne, and that normally the liver 'filters' out these hormones, but when the liver does
  5. Thank you Thursday - no active acne today! Do have two scabs and numerous red marks.
  6. Your skin (well, the bacteria in it) cannot get resistant to BP, because they simply cannot survive in the oxygen the BP creates...
  7. Hey everyone, I'm Charlotte, 22, from the Netherlands. I've had acne for over 10 years now. Luckily it has improved A LOT over the years, I think I only have mild to moderate acne now, but it's still enough to bring me down and make me feel ugly, and I just HATE having to put on covering make-up everyday to feel pretty. I've been on the regimen for a month now but with drugstore-bought products. (I tried the regimen before but I didn't do it exactly right then, so I don't count that). I suspect
  8. I have personally experienced that make-up makes the flakiness very obvious. (I use a cover stick and a compact powder, both suited for acne-prone skin.)
  9. remember to use only a little BP in the beginning and slowly increase the amount, and make sure you have a facewash and moisturizer that do not contain the 'forbidden' substances. you can moisturize multiple times a day. best of luck to you.
  10. If you start the regimen with existing blackheads and whiteheads (whiteheads are not zits, they are not inflamed and tiny), does the regimen remove these? I don't really see how that would work, while I do understand how the regimen combats real zits.
  11. Hey MissMeh, yeah it really sounds like we have the same thing. I know it's really aweful but at least this is the only problem! So many people have it so much worse My acne used to be a lot worse but it got somewhat better with age and it became even better when I started using benzoyl peroxide. Then half a year ago I found this website and started using the benzoyl peroxide exactly as indicated here and it improved even more. As I said I am on the regimen (for half a year now) but with drugst
  12. Hey, that looks like the huge red bumps that I sometimes get, which I started a topic on. Do I understand correctly that Bactrim are pills?
  13. Hey AKL, this is a little bit off topic but I read here that you ordered the products while you are in the Netherlands. I'm in Holland too and want to order a kit, so I'd like to know if everything went well?
  14. Due to dryness? Are you sure? I moisturize quite a lot, I don't have any 'flakes' on my face...
  15. Okay I have been on 'the regimen' for half a year but I'm using drugstore-bought products, not the ones from this website. I'm pretty sure my products do not contain the 'forbidden' substances, but I'm gonna buy the products from this site to see if it makes a difference. My skin actually looks pretty good, I have blackheads on my nose, whiteheads in some areas and I only sometimes get real 'zits', pustules, and when I get one it usually heals quickly after I have 'popped' it. I do have one pr