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  1. So, let me start off by saying I am the luckiest person in the world and I still keep pressing my luck. I was an absolute idiot. One week before my brother's wedding, I picked my arms so bad. For no reason at all! I spent the entire week dreading the strapless dress. Dreading walking down the aisle. I ended up not looking too terrible (didn't look great either) but it ended up being fine, with some makeup on it. But that doesn't take back the fact that I sulked the entire week and stressed and d
  2. 1. Identify the problem- obsessive skin picking 2. Identify the triggers- tired, emotional, stressed, anxious 3. Analyze the consequences- embarassment, shame, guilt, being gross and unconfident for my wedding and brother's wedding 4. Uncover the internal cues that perpetuate habits- must be perfect, i'll just squeeze one, i have to get the infection out 5. Set goals for a habit-free lifestyle - a good career, a beautiful and confident wedding and honeymoon 6. Learn and reinforce
  3. so i woke up early to exercise and get breakfast before work. and i ended up squeezing my face. am i an absolute idiot? what is wrong with me? i worked last night and my skin didnt look too bad. and now it looks terrible. people know what i do. they know i squeeze and pick and it is so embarassing. now i have to go to work and look terrible. i am such an idiot. my face is all puffy and red and i cannot hide what i did. i seriously have not gone one day since like january without squeezing anyth
  4. so I was looking good. Then I went away on vacation and that was not good for my skin. In addition to the stress from traveling, the inlaws and the emotional stress, I also sweat like crazy and the sunblock I'm sure was too heavy for my skin. Also, I had my peiod, so of course, the cystic pimples had to pop up. So, each day on vacation, a new pimple popped up. My jawline and chin and forhead suffered the most. I sort of picked even on vacation when i had to share a bathroom with other people
  5. Well, I was not as successful as I would have like to be. Let me see if I can quantify what is going on with my face. I would say I have about I have about 25 pimples/spots on my face total and I picked at about 10 of them. Not a bad night for me, believe it or not. But I want to not pick at all! This will set me back, I know it. Ugh. I guess I will apply my glycolic acid and try to do better tomorrow. The good thing is that there is a tomorrow and another chance to change. I think I
  6. I don't know how many times I have said, this is it. This is the end of my picking. It has been an ongoing problem for too many years and I am at the end of my rope. My life cannot be on hold anymore while I deal with scars, scabs, and oozing pimples. This is the last straw and I am done with picking. I need to be. I pick when I am stressed, anxious, tired, procrastinating or upset. It has become a release and that is not good. I know my triggers, but I can't beat them. I need to come up