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  1. My son's skin (aged 14) took at least 2 months to see any real improvement. The acne seemed to respond for the first week, then he had a breakout that was pretty huge. The breakout was a real worry as it was a lot of acne where he had never had it before as well as deep under the skin acne. There was a lot of surface stuff as well. His skin seem to start to clear andthen would breakout again. After about 2 months he was at a stage where the improvement was continuous rather than met with a
  2. 5/09/2011 Quick update. My son's skin is excellent at the moment due to a few things. Firstly, he found himself on a five day course of antibiotics for a lung infection that cleared the few remaining acne. It goes to show I guess that the antibiotics that doctor originally prescribed (for his acne) would probably have done the job well and quickly. He would however have been on them for 6 months, which is the down side of course. Secondly, as he was taking the antibiotics I swa
  3. I started using Paulas choice BHA on my son's skin when I realised we needed a chemical exfoliant to deal with deep blackheads. It has certainly made a difference and I really like the product. The first few weeks we definitely had a breakout on his face though. A lot of the blackheads he had turned into whiteheads, the texture of his skin was rough, and yep even in places he didnt have acne his skin wasnt smooth. We didnt have the oily issue though, in fact his skin went really dry.
  4. Hey again, I didnt mean to make you bad about posting, just wanted to say your skin looks pretty good Toner helps to cleanse the skin and shrink the appearance of pores. Im pretty happy with the one I have been using at the moment with 2% salicylic acid (BHA) as I was looking for an excellent exfoliant. It seems to be doing what I was hoping it would. There are other options I have seen others here. I wouldnt pick at anything to be honest if you can resist the urge.
  5. Your skin looks pretty good for the most part. I do wonder if you would benefit from a solid routine of Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturising both morning and night though. It might help to head off those breakout weeks you mentioned or at least make them easier to control. Dan gives a really good list of what to look out for in terms of ingredients in skin care products on this site if you do decide to consider it.
  6. I had a bit of luck with pretty much clearing up my sons back. His back was a mess with blackheads and deep painful massive pimples around the collar line. I drowned it in the following products: Phisohex Anti Bacterial wash Paulas Choise Toner (Salicylic Acid) Paulas Choice Weightless Body Treatment (2% Salicylic Acid) and then dumped a whole lot of Paulas Choise Clear Acne Fighting Treatment (2.5 BP) on top. All twice a day. It broke out like crazy to the point where I was wondering i
  7. 11.08/2011 The skin on his face seems to be in a constant state of change. Overall the effect has been great, and his skin is in a great long- term state compared to when we started. If it doesn't improve from here for the next couple of years, then I guess it's not a bad place to be for teenage years. However, once you get to this stage, there is a tendency to want to move towards ending the issue altogether and be "clear". We are shifting between days where there is very little noticeable acne
  8. 3/8/2011 Changing to Paulas Choice Products certainly made a difference in several ways. As mentioned earlier we had a problem with recurring blackheads which would come up on healing (or recently healed) skin and create a new pimple/whitehead. Since starting the Paulas Choice Cleanser / Toner the blackhead problem has vastly reduced. It was a bit messy though for about a week. Changing to the cleanser/toner routine disturbed the blackheads which turned them into whiteheads and they had t
  9. Paula's Choice make a Weightless Body Treatment with 2% BHA thats suppose to help deal with blemishes on the body. The reviews I managed to find looked quite good. I have brought some for my son who has acne on his back but have only used it for a few days so cant yet recommend from first hand experience.
  10. Im using Paulas Choice on my son's skin at the moment. www.paulaschoice.com.au/ Im in melbourne, they took 2 days for delivery. We ordered from the Acne range: Clear Normalising Cleanser (Anti Bacterial wash) Clear Targeted Acne Relief Toner (salicylic acid) Clear Acne Fighting Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide) And just the Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion from a chemist, it doesnt have a SPF 15 though so I guess thats no help to you. Im liking how they handle so far. He also has acne on his bac
  11. Skin treatment 13 year old boy. I have been reading the forums of acne.org looking for ideas to help my son handle his skin through his teenage years. I thought I would post our updates as we go. My son's skin developed blackheads at 12 years of age, and broke out considerably by 12 1/2. His forehead, side of the face, chin, and cheeks were covered in patches of red skin intermixed by pimples/blackheads/whiteheads and under the skin blocked pores. We had tried a range of facial scrubs a