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  1. How old is a 'new scar'? I've come off accutane about 1.5 months ago and have ordered copper peptides and have read they're best for new scars. Most my scars appeared on accutane near end of my course.
  2. Your like my twin i tell you! Were at similar stages on our course iv only just read your log. Lets hope we get clear soon. Like yoi, Iv just discovered primer and face powder i usually only just use mac foundation and my skins almost acceptable with makeup, good luck honey!
  3. DAY 73 (yesterday was actually day 72 sorry!) OMG SUDOCREM I LOVE YOU!!! Wow it's jsut brilliant i used a lot more last night than usual, used it like a face mask and in the morning wow, it was like i was able to wash off lots of peeling patches, they were gone, all my actives are no longer active already! Massive improvement considering it's been just a night! Sudocrem face mask from now on everynight. No pain in washing my face today!!
  4. Haha i actually scare my little 2 year old brother with that sexyyy look! He just doesn't know style when he sees it! Yep it's brilliant
  5. I'm NHS and it wasn't so hard to get a referral, it was no hair of my GP's chest referring me., i think she was a bit sick of me tbh! But convincing my derm to prescribe me isotretinoin, now that was a task! Yeah, NHS maybe shabby, i mean they stab the bloody needle into your arm like 4 times at weird angles (actually fainted once), sometimes pretty careless with the blood tests, they want you in and out as quick as possible, but it's free (or close to it ).
  6. What happened exactly? Did they just show up out of no where? Have you previously taken Accutane? I'm currently on accutane now, on my 3rd month although my skin is fragile, it's nothing compared to retin-a. I was too optimistic with retin-a I got like these strange scabs that lasted for ages and were very sore, however i stupidly kept with it thinking it's meant to cause some irritation. However, the level of irritation it caused me was very high and it caused scarring as my skin was sore, thi
  7. I have 2/3 rolling scars, all from my retin-a experience. It was awful, i simply reacted badly to it, its not the case for most people though.
  8. Thanks, I really hope for an improvement too! It wasn't hard for me to get referred as i think my GP got fed up but my derm was convinced my skin was not bad enough for accutane. The thing is some GPs don't hesitate to refer you at all, my friend who had very mild acne got referred really fast, whereas i had acne which was much more moderate and my GP made me try loads before even considering referring me. My derm nurse is nice, so maybe she will listen! I'm randomly not feeling quite as bad ab
  9. Oooh another U.K'er are you on with NHS or private? NHS for me was ridiculously hard to get isotretinoin prescribed! Im glad your seeing improvement, good luck!
  10. Hii just looked through your log im jelous! You look AMAZING with makeup and without it your acne is not bad at all, just a little hyperpigmentation, but i feel ya with the random hell-like breakouts that ruin your life. Generally i can survive with my acne, but at times it goes crazyyyy! GOOD LUCK!
  11. Also, it's actually painful to wash my face. That's rubbish
  12. Hiii, that's it with accutane, it's such a rollercoaster! Good luck with rest of the course!
  13. immediately stop scratching my peeling wounds! OOh it's soo hard to stop, even though you know it's causing harm, i think i may need therapy Good luck for the rest of your course!
  14. Hii The way it works in my hospital is that the dermatologist prescribes you at 1 mg/kg for 4 months. So, i'm 50 mg/day. I see a derm nurse monthly who assesses my skin and sideffects. I may be able to convince her, possibly to extend the course, as i'm no way near clear and i'm having literally no side effects touch wood apart from dry lips, and my blood levels have been fine so far. However, knowing my luck, the day i go to see the nurse will be the day my skin doesn't look as bad. It just fe