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  1. In no order.... Differin Plexion TS(sulfur sulfactemide) Micocycline( two months, then stopped cold turkey) (the first 3 were take together, I only use differin now) Vitamins And most importantly... Time
  2. Well, I never said they healed 100%. But my complexion overall is much better. I usually take calcium, zinc, A, E, and fish oil. Honestly, I think time did the work.
  3. Not to have Smoothbeam. A few months ago I said I'd look into around Xmas, and I did. In those months my complexion has healed sufficiently enough not to require surgery. I just dont think its worth the money, the little scarring I have isnt important, and the evil red makrs are laregely gone. I dont know...I think alot of acne and such is psychological. I didnt do anything but help my skin with vitamins, preventing new acne etc., but it FEELS like I had cosmetic surgery. Cliche as it sounds, it
  4. The vbeam looks a bit too strong for what I have. I think the smoothbeam may be better, but since almost all surgeons have free consultations, may as well check them both out, thanks. Probably do it after Christmas.
  5. Thank you for the quick rpely, thats good news, but does it to anything to redmarks at all? Still have some laying around. ](*,)
  6. I never understood why helathy skin from say, the back cant be removed and put somewhere else. Its yours and it is fresh after all. Must be easier than reattaching limbs.
  7. Before I waste my time consulting with a surgeon(only board certified would be allowed to touch the perfection that is my handsomeness ), would any of you smoothbeam-wise people know if its good for shallow rolling scars on the temples and even shallower rolling scars on the cheeks? I dont have icepick or box scars. What about red marks? I have a good idea from reading the existing smoothbeam threads of what the procedure is and what it entails, but didnt notice any mention of rolling sc
  8. Mino worked for me, however, I remember while I was on it, my redmakrs stopped healing. The healing resumed when I stopped taking it.
  9. Alpha Hydrox, Oil-Free Formula 10% GA I assume this is the one? http://www.interactile.com/cgi-bin/s/s1_ju...26catid%3D21507 I'd prefer to buy it from a local store, but neither CVS or Walgreens seems to carry it. Where else can I find it? Thanks.
  10. Bear with me here folks..... 1)What does glycolic acid(GA) do? 2)Does it matter if it is an alpha-hydroxy-acid? 3) How does it differ from lactic acid? 4) Is the higher the % of strength best? 5) Can anyone recommend any decently priced, safe, non-comedogenic ones? 6) Websites I see describe some as "pads", yet it's in a bottle. What gives? THANKS!
  11. I see conflicting reports....is it only authorized for the back? Dont have any problems on my back! I'm kind of considering this, but the red marks on my face always go away on their own after a few months, and I have such insignificant scarring it's not important to me. I suppose I'd need only one or two sessions, since my face isnt that bad looking, but is it worth 400-600 dollars? Cursed insurance would never cover it. The red marks arent exactly impairing my sex life, but it would be kind of
  12. Hello, A pimple is an 8-12 week process in the making. Since youveonly been on meds for 9 weeks, it's very possible they are just old ones finally showing themselves. I still get 1-3 pimples a month, but they dont last long, just one more blemish for my redmark collection Just stick to your meds like normal.
  13. 4 months to 6 months for me. The marks from cysts take 6 months, smaller stuff takes about 4 months.
  14. Voted other.... Time is the only proven way to get rid of them. If you are using topical creams to prevent future breakouts, vinegar burns like freakin hell.
  15. I have dry skin and recurring moderate acne. I suppose people with oily skin are more prone, but we dry folks get it too.