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  1. I don't have scars, but I do get post-acne red marks. Make-up would probably just give me more pimples though..
  2. I don't wear it because I know it will probably make my skin worse in the long run. I have only been getting a pimple or two a month, but if I started putting crap on my face, it could be more. I am also personally not good at putting makeup on nor do I feel the need to spend hours each morning trying to figure it out. Honestly, unless you're super good at applying makeup, you're not fooling anyone. (And I mean "you" in a general sense, not you specifically.)
  3. I'm glad to see you're still doing so well!!! And have fun rushing.. it's awesome!!
  4. I'm sure everyone on this site would love a cure for acne, including me. But, there are tons of other diseases that don't have cures either. Acne is not alone in the category.
  5. If I ate something "bad" 6 weeks ago and got my first pimple since then on Monday, do you think the food would have caused it?
  6. I've been on my BCP for 4.5 years though, and this just recently started. I know one other thing that has caused some of my lady friends minor breakouts, and that is the PILL. If you are on BC it messes up with your hormones and is a possible side effect that causes acne.
  7. Really? I haven't noticed any hair loss on BCP. Ive been on it for over 4 years though, maybe I just don't remember how my hair was before!
  8. How long does it take to fix the body after years of poor diet?
  9. I usually get one, sometimes two, the week before my period. It's an inflamed pimple, but it's not a cyst. I stopped eating frozen foods. I've primarily been eating salads (spinach, tomato, mushroom, egg), but I do still eat cereal (with almond milk), watermelon, canned peaches, and canned soup.
  10. The same thing happened to me! I did not have a very healthy lifestyle while I was in college, but my face was clear! I recently have been trying to be more healthy (I changed my diet not because of acne), and now I get a pimple every month! I've been trying to figure out what is going on. I've been drinking milk, although I know I'm allergic (just in my cereal), so I decided to cut that out. But I still got a pimple on my chin this month.
  11. I am looking into Spiro! What side effects have you had? MyAMBERromance: I saw your post on Asthma & Spiro. How is that going for you now? I have slight asthma, so this could be a concern for me! If your hair thinning at all? Also, I get about one or two pimples a month (the week before my period-- during the week of my BCP that has the highest progesterone lever). What dosage do you think I would need to take? What kind of acne did you guys (who have tried Spiro) have before starting Spi
  12. Wouldn't that irritate the skin? But I do like your attitute about the whole situation.