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  1. try clean & clears persa 10 BP it been a life saver for me , and doesn't seem to dry out my face to bad and def. works , sometimes in a matter of 2-3 days (:
  2. Adela Ruby

    Derm's Office.

    So today when i was getting my facial i got recommend a new product. It is called Glycolix . there are are face pads to clean your face. it has 5% glycolic acid/2% salicylic acid. and the jar contains 60 pads. let's see if this baby works [; but i won't be able to try it till another 4 days because of my scrub. but intill then , ill see how my pills hold me up (:
  3. Adela Ruby

    Day 3

    i love these pills. i think they might be actually working (: well , leaving at 10:45 for my apt. at the derm , going to get a facial and see if this get's me closer to my clear skin , just in time for school <3
  4. So these pills have seemed to give my face this type of glow ? and minmized the size of pimples , if this is just from day one , i wonder what it will be like on day 15 ? The most annoying thing right now, are these little clogged pores that seem like the NEVER go away , does anyone know any good products/remides that have helped you get rid of them ? ;p but anyways , did i mention how happy i am to be back in america <3..... HEATED SHOWERS [:
  5. ok. I've found something that i have not tried entirely. Pills ? so for the next 15 days im going to try this product my uncle had purchased for me, cause he understands how this situation is putting me down. what is it ? asepxia pills. currently am i in mexico , so i don't know if this is in united states. but i'll do some research on it and get back to yall. But let's see if this will do anything? illl post daily progress everyday , so stay posted. plan to start treatment t
  6. so today i sit on facebook , and look at my friends pictures , their faces are so clear , so flawless , but i can't help to envy. I remember when my face was clear , and i could take a picture no matter what i looked like with makeup or without , but i can't do that anymore. ON THE PLUS SIDE: my face is almost clear , only a few clogged pores and a monster pimple right next to my nose on my upper check D:< but i think honestly if you haven't tried dove beauty bar , go to the store and
  7. My Routine AM: 1.Wash with dove soap beauty bar. 2.Pat dry with towel. 3.Oxy pads or Clean And Clear Persa 10. (sometimes) 4.Moisturize with CeraVe lotion. PM: REPEAT of AM . *during that time of the month might use Queen Helene Mint Juelp Mask or any other mask i might have at that time cause for me it gives me that securness knowing a pimple won't devolp overnight.
  8. -NO CONFIDENCE -DEPRESSION -LOST PERSONAILTY -LOW SELF-ESTEEM -NO HOPE I am DONE . I'm tired of this ruining my life, to the point where i don't even know who I am. What happened to this Funny,Outgoing,Loveable,Not Shy,CONFIDENT girl i once knew. She's lost in the world of self-image problems.This is why i decided i'm finally FINISHED. I am going to regain the girl i once knew , the girl that was me.Im going to stop worrying about people who look at my acne, cause honestly NO ONE is perfec