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  1. It is not sore just red, it seems to be going away now though. I figure I overdid it a little and it overexfoliated perhaps, exposing the newer and much redder looking skin underneath? Ive also done some reading and whenever using a BHA or AHA product an initial breakout can occur. Did you have trouble with the BP bleaching, clothes a lot? Dan's BP seems to absorb really welll i figured bleaching wouldnt be much of an issue.
  2. So is it normal for the aha to cause an initial breakout? how about causing redness, like a rash when first starting to use it?
  3. ive just started using the acne.org aha on my chest. it seemed to cause me to break out and caused my skin to turn red, almost like a rash. is this normal when using this product in the beginning. if aha doesnt work for me, i dont know what ill do for my chest acne. bp will bleach my clothes and wash off bp products dont seem as effective as ones you leave on.