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  1. Thanks for the responses. I think I'm leaning toward doing the combination of microdermabrasion and chemical peels. I think you guys are right in saying that I shouldn't risk damaging my skin anymore being only 5 months off accutane. I think I should try the combination and see how that goes. Then I can wait next winter break for the fractional CO2 laser when it's either improved or more research has been done on it. I'm still a little confused on one thing though. What's the difference betw
  2. Thanks for your response. I've done the research and I was just hoping to get some more opinions, but thank you.
  3. I hope this is a joke. Have you never taken a pill before? They are pills put them in whatever you want
  4. Hi everyone. Sorry this is a long read but I want to give as much information as possible so I can get a good recommendation on what to do. I’ve had acne scars for a while now and I’m trying hard now to get them almost removed or less noticeable. So my phone has a good camera and I took pictures but it just wouldn't let me put them on my computer. I had to use my computer's camera and before you look at them I need to say IT IS NOT HOW THEY ACTUALLY LOOK. You can barely see them because the qual
  5. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious to try saline injections now. How much did they cost you? And in my opinion I don't think it was dermarolling because all it did for me was make my face more red.
  6. Great thanks for all the replies. I stopped rolling for a few days and noticed my scars were lighter. I think its working I'll just roll one day a week from now on
  7. Yes I did finish accutane about a month ago but why do I have to wait 6 months before treating scarring? And these scars I had before I started accutane. Is 6 days a week too much should I cut it down to every other day?
  8. I've been dermarolling for about a month and a half and I really haven't seen any results. I roll 6 days a week using 1.0 mm. In fact it makes my face look more red because of the rolling. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. I read 4 rolls in all directions is good? And also I have some tazorac gel that I've been applying for scarring. Should I apply it before or after dermarolling? And are both together too damaging to the face?
  10. So I finished up my accutane cycle a couple weeks ago and I'm completely clear except for a little scarring. I was thinking about doing the acne.org regimen but I don't feel like it is necessary since I don't have acne but I'm just afraid of it coming back! Right now I'm just using a Cetaphil cleanser and tazorac gel at night. Is this enough or should I really be washing my face twice a day?
  11. Actually I found two cheap ones do they look good? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...id=250601798907 http://www.amazon.com/Microneedle-System-N...4244&sr=8-2
  12. Oh what is the cheapest one I can get that is still effective? Most of them are around $80
  13. Okay thank you I see positive reviews from dermarolling Ill try that!
  14. The surgery is a peel surgery. I can get laser for 1500 but that is too expensive for me. I know people get different results but whats treatment do most people think is the best? Theres just so many I dont know which one to choose