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  1. Just so you know, the reason that day 1,2 and 3 have all been posted within a couple of minutes of each other is because they are from a written diary that i began writing when i started this experiment. Today really is the third day however and things are looking up. Skin has still been oily. ALL pimples seem to have just dried up and become 'scab like'. They are less red but there are still just as many of them ( i would say, after counting half the pimples on my forehead which came to 45,
  2. Second day... Skin is still as oily as yesterday but slightly less red. The spot i popped yesterday has already healed, whereas before when i was washing, the mark would have been red, inflamed and probably would have filled up with puss again and stayed there for ages. Fighting the urge still to not wash as soon as i wake up. Looks revolting.. Spots are becoming itchy as if they are healing themselves?? Guess i'll find out tomorrow! Fingers crossed!
  3. The first day of not washing my face was horrible. My face was so so oily!!! I had to really fight the urge to wash it. My spots were red, inflamed and unsightly. I feel dirty! I have had a few whiteheads pop up since last night. Already beginning to think this might not be a good idea.... I popped a pimple today.... I'm not one of those obsessive pickers thank goodness, but this little bugger was just sitting there and i couldn't stop myself. That is one bad thing about leaving your
  4. My name is Holly. I'm 18. I have acne. Admittedly, my acne ( luckily ) is only mild/moderate. I can only imagine what my life would be like if my acne was to become severe. People who cope with severe acne must be so much stronger than me. Even with mild/moderate acne i find it hard to look people in the face. It can be a lonely world, being an acne sufferer. Most days i just want to hide away. I saw this one young girl today, her head held high, no makeup on and her face look
  5. Well, if my skin looked like yours i'd be so, so happy.. Not minimising your condition at all, i know that having a tiny bit of acne can make you feel just as bad as having tons. I like using natural remedies too, not into putting loads of chemicals onto my face as i have very sensitive skin. Have you tried a nightly honey mask? Just get clear, normal honey. Doesn't have to be the posh sort and apply liberally to your face about 2 hours before you go to bed. Leave on to do its work and then