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  1. amy91

    Spiro helped my skin

    Spiro helped my skin

    clear skin works in 3 months doesn't have any serious side effects it might mess with your cycle at first gotta watch the potassium levels caused tumors in lab rats So i've been struggling with cystic acne ever since I was 18. My dermatologist prescribed Spiro 2 years ago and it helped my skin. But now I get some chin pimples and they're annoying. Rushing to make an appointment to get another prescription for Spiro. It really worked for me.
  2. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    April 9th So it's been 6 months ever since I posted an update on my log. My skin has been getting worse over the winter. First it was a few pesky chin breakouts that I ignored or concealed. Then I started getting bigger pimples (much like my previous monsters). The difference is that my breakouts have shifted a little bit. Not I get chin and upper lip (gross) pimples instead of cheek pimples. Acne breakouts are much smaller now, but they are constant and painful. Now that I got a job on campus
  3. i feel awesome. Glad to be back to the forum after all these months. I finally got my skin back and my confidence as well. For all the girls who are curious how I cleared my acne please visit my log
  4. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    September 1st So I've been neglecting this log for a looong time and I'm pretty sure nobody reads it anymore lol, The reason I still keep it is to remind myself the steps and the process of acne clearing. Right now my face is clear without spironolactone. Although if not that hormonal course I'd never have a clear skin again, I'd be probably struggling with cystic breakouts since this day. it's been 8 months since I've stopped the Spironolactone treatment. And I haven't made an emergency appoi
  5. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    April 10th So it's been almost 4 months without spiro pills and my skin is doing great. I get occasional pimples here and there, but those are nothihg similar to the previous cystic breakouts. I don't know if my clear skin is still influenced by Spiro or I really grew out of acne. Hopefully its the version B. I plan on taking Spiro for another year if cystuc breakouts reoccur.
  6. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    Feb 4th So I've stopped taking Spiro and now it's been almost 2 months without the pills. My skin is doing fine, I get period-pimples every now and then, but they go fast especially if I don't pick on them. I hope to stop this pill addiction completely some day and maintain healthy, acne free skin with only topical medication and proper cleansing. I still do have the pills though, just in case if I get emergency breakouts.
  7. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    December 23th hello my negleted skin-log. haven't written anythin in a while cuz there was nothing much to write. So I stopped taking Spiro for like a month now. and my skn is still CLEAR!?! I'm pretty amazed myself, I don't know what's going on. Hope I've grown out of acne and it will never come back in that severe form. If anything..Spiro's there to help.
  8. Okay, now I don't want to pop ur balloon of hope, but Spiro ain't safe for long term usage. Its been over a year since I've been taking it and I know that I have to stop around this time as NO ORAL MEDICATION is safe for long term usage. You better take short breaks or quit for a while then get back on so your system doesn't get overwhelmed by toxins within med. I'm happy that your skin got better ( so did mine with the magic of Spiro), but don't get too relaxed with drugs.
  9. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    October 23th Here I am with my monthly update! Unfortunately I'm still taking spiro pills for my skin as it's impossible to get rid of acne without them. Everything is learned and explained WHY, all the causes are identified. This crap is genetic and you've gotta battle it for lifetime. It's been 1 year and 3 months since I've been taking hormonal treatment now. I know this just a short fix ( I'll have to stop eventually due to possible side effects). However, it got my life back. I used to was
  10. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    September 23th Skin Update time! I'm still taking Spiro 50 mg every day or every other day. It's very irregular. My skin is clear and no major breakout occurred. However, before my period my chin covered with 2-3 annoying pimples ( and I stopped taking pills for a while) but then cleared up really quick and there are no even red marks.
  11. Oh Lord, I haven't been on these boards for ages. I'm back because so is my acne,lol. I've stopped taking my pills and I got acne on my chin. Nothng surprising though, that's how it's supposed to be. Im back to the pills and clear again, yay. And I feel my best today with smooth skin,nice makeup on and hot outfits.
  12. Yeah, I know how it feels. I experienced the same thing couple of days ago. I've been taking Spiro for a year now, and I decided to stop for a month. As a result I got acne on my chin. Im back to Spiro (50mg) and clear again. Yup, unfortunately this is the only way to stop hormonal acne for women.
  13. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    August 23th Okay, I know I have neglected this log for a while, but I came with new updates and to share my experiment. So I've been taking Spiro, every other day for like 30 days. Eventually I got flare ups on my chin and random red pimples on my cheek. End Of The Experiment! Plus I've been washing my face less than usual and it's been super hot in Los angeles. I felt insecure again and even refused to go to the party. However, I finally figured that this is all about my hormones. Spiro (even w
  14. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    Skin update time!!! So I've been taking Spiro every other day for 2 weeks, and my skin still remains clear. I might do this for a while before I quit taking the pills. I wash my face only twice a day now ( instead of 3-4 washes with harsh chemicals). Actually, I got used to clear skin so I hope it will get better without Spiro. Some pple eventually outgrow their acne begore 25-28. So maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones. If not, then I'll have to take pills and do harsh chemical peels for the re
  15. amy91

    My Spiro Log

    I'm back to give a little update. So this month it would be a year since I've been taking Spiro 50mg. It's been a gret journey, lil bit frustrating at first because my pimples were still visible every month during my period. However, in 3.5 months it cleared 90% of my breakouts and whola, I'm sitting here with no flare ups at all, with a clear ass skin. I've tried those dumb diets (glute,sugar,dairy free), facials, multiple washes and topicals, NONE of them has done a damn for my skin. Only Spir