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  1. update - didn't take any pics in may. but i think these photos have shown that things have generally improved. my back still is red and scarred, but way less active spots. this photo looks small, so just to edit, here's a big photo of my the day i started accutane: and today, close up:
  2. So - interesting process of getting Amnesteem this month. It cost me $635 for a 30-day supply of 60mg (40mg + 20mg pills). I am on Cobra insurance extension, and it had not been processed within the seven day window so I was out of Amnesteem and needed to get it by midnight, so I had to pay and am returning to the pharmacy so they can resubmit the order and reimburse me for part of the money today. I hope it goes smoothly. The price of drugs and insurance is crazy. I am researching insuranc
  3. Things are OK again - breakouts on my back from last 2 weeks are gone. Have a few spots on my face, but nothing awful. And they're more surface-y spots, not cysts. Cheeks feel like redness is just fading still. Chest still has one spot, the same one that's been around for like 1.5 weeks. What I do want to talk about is this process of the medication......... It's a pain! I was told this month by my derm that I need to take my monthly pregnancy test EXACTLY 30 days apart, but I
  4. Just wanted to update as things have changed... I am breaking out again! I have 3-4 spots on my back that are quite painful, and one on my chest, and one on my face. Granted, this is less than it used to be when it was at its worst, but still, this is the most I've broken out so far on Accutane. Could have something to do with the upping of the dosage from 40mg to 60mg 13 days ago. Also, I've been running a ton, so that could be part of it - my back breaks out when I run and don't shower imm
  5. So, I was upped to 60mg by my dermatologist. Good things happening now: Clear skin - face and back are both almost completely clear. Almost no active spots. Cons: Dryness - crazy, crazy dryness still. Lips are SOOOO chapped. Last week my cheeks were peeling pretty bad. My skin is literally just like falling off my lips in chunks. I know that's gross to say, but man...it's bad.
  6. bgh9080

    Day 27

    hello - yes, i think part of the reason i've seen success early (at least for now) is because i started at 40mg. i weigh 160 lbs though, so the ratio of 40mg:73kg is only a .5 ratio even though 40mg might sound like a lot. honestly, things could get bad again and then get better - i try to not let my expectations get too high or let my acne impact my emotions too much since that's a slippery slope for me. it's hard not to though. the pimples i've had are small little whiteheads, so
  7. bgh9080

    Accutane Days 6-14

    I've used Aquahor around my nose, and on really really dry patches. i use the healing ointment on my lips like 10 times a day. i'm on day 27, and my lips are literally cracked open and bleeding - so gross! since they're already sooooo chapped, i can't get out in front of it, and i don't know when they'll stop being chapped! so my advice: use a lot, very often - preemptive strike!
  8. what dosage were you on and how did it compare to your body weight? I've heard a low dosage higher relapse rate, but i'm not 100% sure of that..just a thought
  9. I know I just posted, but I wanted to post again because I went to my dermatologist yesterday. He took photos of my face from the same angle he took photos at my first appointment a month ago - I've been on Accutane for almost a month now. I must have miscounted the days, because today is Day 27, so when I posted two days ago, it was Day 25, not 23. Sorry. The transformation was AMAZING. Yes, my skin still isn't great. But seeing the photos of a month ago next to photos from right now
  10. bgh9080

    Day 25

    Well, that's part of the acne.org Regimen - Jojoba oil. I use it sparingly, and at this point about 2x per week. I put a few drops in my palm, and mix it in with my moisturizer.
  11. Sorry its been so long since I've updated - there hasn't been much to say. Skin is pretty dry and lips are SO SO dry. I apply Aquaphor like 10-15 times per day. In the last few days, the skin around my mouth and nose has been peeling, but I've been trying to combat with Olay and Jojoba oil. I've also been using a clarisonic style brush on my face which **rocks** - I feel like I get my face so much cleaner. I wash at night until there's no orange makeup coming off onto the brush, so I k
  12. A few updates: Face is still clear - no breakouts at all. Still have lots of redness and discolorations, but no active breakouts. But - this is a big but - there are two very active, painful, bright red spots on my chest and collarbone. Both are coming to a head. The collarbone one is big and the chest one is smaller. but both are SO red - and, at least for now, isolated. weird. and painful.
  13. bgh9080

    Day 07

    hi! yes, i think my pimples are shrinking. the face acne situation is good (knock on wood) - i have no breakouts on my face now, which is SO unusual. i have a lot of redness from previous breakouts too, and when i woke up today and yesterday, it just looks less red. i am also using a clarisonic-type brush with my face wash, so that could be helping too. beside the fact that my skin is so dry that it feels a bit like sandpaper, my face is doing well. the breakouts i had on my back are s
  14. A few updates: Last night my face was so, so dry. Like just peeling. It wasn't cracked or anything - I think I caught it before it got bad. Slathered on Olay moisturizer with jojoba oil. It burned, but when I got up this morning, it wasn't too bad. Washed my face and applied more moisturizer this morning and as I'm at work, I'm wearing Almay foundation, concealer, and powder. Got a pretty bad bloody nose yesterday - think it was due to dryness. I know this blog is boring, I will p
  15. I will take dose 5 of Amnesteem tonight - I know I'm still in the very beginning stages, but here's how I feel: 1. My eyes are dry and red 2. My skin is peeling in some spots on my face That's it so far. As far as my skin goes, I had a few spots - one on the chin, one on the cheek and one on the forehead. They have mostly dried out, although the cheek spot looks like it's deciding wether to retaliate or just go away. My back is pretty dried out as well. At this point, my biggest f