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  1. congrats solman, awesome improvement I am on my 3rd month and my skin has improved as well, glad I started accutane. first picture was a typical breakout I'd get every other week or so...
  2. Must be harder for females, I had my script filled same day.
  3. Hi, I am starting accutane and the derm I went to was very non chalant about prescribing it. I did tell him about how I'd tried many different anti-biotics and nothing worked (except bactim but acne returns stronger when off). Anyway he wrote me a prescription for it and I had two boxes the same day. I am pretty skinny for my height about 155lbs 6'3, and he prescribed two 40mg pills a day. Should I start off just taking one 40mg a day and wait to see how my body reacts, because most posts I