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  1. Well the length of time I haven't had an entry is indicative of how much more improvedthings are! I haven't had a spot in so long! My dark marks have gone and my complexion is just a dream. I am thrilled with the results of accutane. I can't recommend it enough for those with serious cystic acne where antibiotics havent worked. Obvioulsy everyone has their opinion about Tane and its not for everyone but its worked really well for me and I feel like I have my confidence and looks back. I have abo
  2. Couldnt get more than two photos on last blog x
  3. I continue to be (almost) spot free! Amazing - very happy about this and getting lots of compliments about my skin. I had one spot chint he other day which you can see in the photos but this didn't really bother me. Trying to keep to the Derms advice to not touch my face at any time. It's difficult sometimes - you forget how easy it is! To anyone starting on the accutance journey be very patient - it took me nearly 4 months before spots stopped! I thought after the first month of it that i
  4. had a visit to the derm yesterday, and been prescibed another 8 weeks. I knew this would happen but I was a bit annoyed that I have to take the full 6 months. But I am still getting the odd small spot so it will be worth it to be completely free and clear. still on same 40g dosage. Skin is actually looking great I must admit, I'm really happy! Few dents there and there from scars. Once I have finished accutane I will see how bad it is and look into scar treatment, or at least getting a few f
  5. Hello, Just a quick update. Still waiting on the derm appointment really. Not had any big spots - I've had one or two smaller lumps which as per usual don't come to fruition. Now it's just a case of old lesions healing peeling, and pigmentation. I've noticed it more recently that my forehead is covered in pigmentation, in pictures it's more noticable. I hope this subsides eventually. I can always ask the derm if there is any scar treatment/pigmentation treatment available on the NHS before
  6. Hey there! I've only just seen this - I'm still on 40mg. Yes the feet aches aren't great, it's also a mixture of flat feet which I'm being treated for by a podiatrist. I have to have insoles and straps at night. Ive just noticed an increase in the aches. Will see how I go post accutane
  7. I'm still suffering from "bad chin skin". I get these lumps that don't build a head and just stay angry and red for ages. This is all concentrated on my jawline and chin as you can see from the pictures I'm over 3 months in I would have thought that this nonsense would be over by now! I'm still on 40mg, and my next appointment with the derm isn't until the 28th. So I decided to call up and see if I could increase to 60mg as I was still having breakout. My derm told me that this wasn't p
  8. I didn't think it was possible but my skin has become amazingly clear SO HAPPY! I have a few scabs that are healing slowly and tend to peel a lot more but I've not had a pimple or spot in about a fortnight. Very happy about this - seriously the clearest I've been for about 18 months and I'm loving it. Pictures to follow. There is hope - to anyone in the bad stages of Tane just read back on my blog, there have been times when it's been nightmarish. It really does take time
  9. A very long overdue blog! It's just about a month since my last entry. I went on holiday to Ibiza and although I was very worried about my skin getting destroyed in the sun I needent have - I got a lovely tan and my skin cleared up somewhat with the sun and salt water I wore factor 30 on my face and 15 on body. I didn't burn at all! I had special lipslave and did suffer with cracked lips for the duration of the holiday which was mildly annoying. But I covered it well with Bare Minerals make up
  10. hazzard

    Day 70 Post Accutane

    yay! Well done on getting through it and I hope I have as good an ending as yours
  11. I'm worried about this too!I'm heading to Ibiza next week, and usually I LOVE sunbathing and getting a tan. I wear 8 - 15 usually, I never let myself burn. But I don't want to cause any lasting damage to my skinif it's in a delicate condition from tane. Derm told me to stay out of the sun altogether. I think I'll follow your example and put on 30 just to be safe. And 50 on the face. I can always get a tan next year (boo hoo)x
  12. Thank u so much :)I've seen everyone referring ot this product in blogs and was unsure what it was or if just US?I'm on amazon now. Theres a lip one or general healing ointment - does everyone use the ointment on the lips too or just dry skin?yeah I've the same problem with tight shiny lips excessive heeling and cracked corners.now it's just cracked corners which are driving me mad with pain!Thanks again really appreciate the suggestion. xxx
  13. Hello! Slight improvement over the last week - or very few new lesions at least. I've felt the effect on the lips following the increased dosage, very painful and cracked all around my mouth and i am constantly reapplying the vaseline! But generally other areas of my skin are looking really really clear which is nice - it's just old scabs and lesions making my skin look bad. Hoping things continue to improve! Also worried as I'm off to ibiza for a week soon and I have to be careful in t