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  1. I started Accutane today. I know it's different for everyone, but just want to hear about what I might expect in the next 2 weeks! I normally tan and don't burn, but I'm going to a tropical place next week for spring break so I'm a bit worried about sun sensitivity.
  2. Thanks, Ghost08 Unfortunately, things aren't going too well for me. I was doing well for a while, but I recently picked 2 spots VERY badly, one today and one a few days ago. It just sucks knowing that I'm only 14 and already have horrible skin, and that even if my acne clears up, I'll still have scars for the rest of my life. The worst part, though, is knowing that if I had just avoided popping spots, I wouldn't have the scars. In other words, it sucks knowing that it's my own fault and that I
  3. Day 42: So today I asked my mom if I could get a good foundation to cover my acne. She agreed to go to the department store and get me one. I expected to end up with something less high-end, but I ended up getting a Mac foundation. The lady at the Mac counter said that the best thing for my skin (oily in most places) would be the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, and she matched me with NC25. Apparently I know my own skin tone well, because when I looked at the Mac website previously and l
  4. About week 5- Things still look about the same on my forehead and cheeks, but I've been getting annoying sore red pimples on the outer sides of my face (outer cheeks area I guess). They're like small, under the skin bumps and they are sore and leave marks behind I'm thinking it may be because of the Cetaphil because when I used the Cetaphil wash previously, this started happening also. So I'm going to continue using the Cetaphil on the rest of my face but use Derma-E on the sides (this is in t
  5. Yeah, I don't think it really did any harm. I'm on the Retin-A cream, 0.025%, the lowest concentration.
  6. So, for those of you who don't consume dairy, what do you eat to get the calcium you need? Especially because I'm still growing, I can't just cut out dairy and still be healthy. Dairy contributes to strong bones and teeth and healthy growth, and calcium tablets and vitamins aren't really the same thing. I've heard kale is a good calcium source, but what other foods could provide me the nutrients I now get from dairy? I'm thinking of cutting out dairy from my diet.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement, Paul & Sunshine! I guess I'll stay away from La Roche Posay... Sunshine- Congrats on having clear skin!! Good luck with the Ematrix I'm not in Canada, but I think Cetaphil is fine for now anyways I'll definitely check back at your blog! Still dealing with oiliness, unfortunately, but at least my skin is looking clearer! I hope it'll keep improving.
  8. Day 24: Can't believe it's actually been 24 days! Almost a month! Anyway, I'm finally starting to see improvements! My face looks a lot better overall, mostly in terms of the tiny bumps. I think my forehead has shown the most improvement. It's not all good news, though! About 5 or so days ago I got a big swollen bump on my forehead right above my eyebrow, like a swollen, under-the-skin thing, that hurt. However, it wasn't stick-outty enough to really be noticeable, it just looked a bit red. I
  9. So now it's been 2 weeks, and still no real improvement. There are, however, less breakouts on my cheeks and the sides of my forehead, although I do still feel like I am getting breakouts. I haven't been posting because I'm in the middle of studying for exams at school, plus final projects, so I'm under a lot of stress which could be contributing to the breakouts and the crazy amount of picking that's been going on. I just hope I don't get any indented scars as they can't be covered! I'm really
  10. Day 8- Still not much noticeable change, except some small things on my cheeks have dried up. I think it is kind of purging my skin, because I have these really tiny flesh colored zits under my bottom lip and there retin-a/clindamycin combo has made some of them turn into bigger whiteheads/pustules. I haven't picked those because I just don't pick that area a lot, but unfortunately today I did go on a sort of minor picking rampage. Minor meaning I only picked 2 spots (on my forehead) but I reaal
  11. Tonight while spreading my Retin-A I wasn't being that careful, and I got it pretty close to my mouth. I don't think it touched my lips but it's possible. Also, I may have gotten it in what may be considered a "lesion"- a popped acne spot. I spread it over that area without thinking twice and then later realized that I shouldn't have put it there. Should I be worried?
  12. Thanks guys! I am definitely checking out the anti-blemish one as well! Thanks for replying! If you see this post again, could you please sort of describe your skin tone, in terms of undertones and just how light it is? I am debating going for the alabaster or a shade a little darker. I just looked at the website, and it turns out Clinique has an all new foundation- Stay Matte Oil free Makeup! This one looks good too, with overall positive reviews...definitely let me know if you have t
  13. Thanks guys, I did skip last night but from now on I'll use it every day
  14. I recently got prescribed 0.025% Retin-A cream along with 1% Clindamycin foam for mornings. I used the Retin-A once so far- 2 nights ago- and the Clindamycin both this morning and last morning. My derm said to use the Retin-A once a day (at night), and if it was too drying to switch to every other day. My mom and these boards have told me to start with every other day or even less frequently than that. What should I do? Should I just start using it every day and see how it goes, or should I take
  15. Day 2- It looks definitely less oily after coming home from school today, but still a bit more oil than usual. I'll have to find a better sunscreen! So far no noticeable improvements or changes in my skin besides the oil, and it feels dry after using the Clindamycin (and after I used the Retin-A that first time). I really hope these things will work for me!