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  1. honestly, I think it's somewhere in between. Acne and the skin in general looks worse when you stress about it though, you know how you wake up in the morning and your skin looks great, but later on in the day your skin looks sort of crappy that because your not stressed while your sleeping and your not thinking about your skin, so just try to relax. When people without acne look at you in public they don't even think about your skin (unless they have acne to).
  2. bad foods in general will break you out, but there isn't a connection to black pepper and acne, unless you are sensitive, but the more you let it get to you and stress over it and thinks its going to give you acne, the more of a chance its going to cause acne, your mind also plays a role in acne along with diet.
  3. I'm male so I was never on pill, but I cleared my acne through diet, and mind power.
  4. you body eats away at your weight when you don't consume enough energy so it has to get the extra energy from muscle mass/fat so long as you areconstantly consuming and getting your energy from Sugars from fruit when doing this your body won't have to eat away at your fat and you won't lose weight. Also you can gain muscle on this diet there are many post on their forum just skim through til you fin what you need. whew, this Wai diet seems pretty limited to me but is very similar to the diet t
  5. Always remain physically inactive 1.5 hours after consuming raw egg, also don't consume the egg white as it contains ovocumoid which will give you the runs, the ovocumoid is killed when cooked, but is active when raw so drain the white and eat the yolk. Raw egg yolk are the most nutrient sense food in the world. This has been proven, it contains the most nutrients and the most variety of nutrients vitamins minerals and clean protein. you just crack the eggs into a drink with water and honey
  6. you just crack the eggs into a drink with water and honey and chug? how many at a time? can i make a smoothie with raw eggs+water+honey? I drink the yolks not the egg white, do not drink the egg white it contains ovocumoid which gives you the runs because it impears digestion.
  7. no, just so long as you get about 20-30 mins of sun exposure a day, you should do something physical in the sun, physical activities helps the blood circulate when the skin manufactures vitamin d the blood will carry it through the body, exercising will help the vitamin d reach throughout the body through circulation.
  8. 99.9% of our ends are still adapted to the plaeolithic way of eating that .1 percent is what allows us to eat Neolithic foods. Also if you read through the post you'll see why I know people in the Paleolithic era didn't have acne someone else asked me that exact same question. as for grains think about it. Only modern man has developed the techniques for harvesting grains, if we didn't have these techniques for harvesting grains walking around in a field of wheat all day collecting it but the en
  9. if you don't wish to lose weight consume approx. Two teaspoons after every salad and fruit you eat, this will up your healthy fat intake. I have never heard of overdosing on olive oil, but if you can't get it down your throat (as some people find the taste impleasant) use as dressing on your salad. Also eat more fruit than vegetables.
  10. I don't usually reccommend this, but here http://www.waiworld.com/waidiet/twd-diet.html this diet is a straight forward simple to follow plan that lasts for about two weeks to a month, i've tried it, and even though my acne was already gone, this diet didn't give me any acne, and you may want to try it, they suggest raw egg, and i downed four raw egg yolks every day for two weeks. Of course I did some research on salmonella first, but so long as you practice sanitization you won't
  11. Yes, milk products are known to cause problems. The proteins and lactose sugars in milk are hard for us to digest, because they are produced in a cow for the calf not for humans, this is why many people cannot have milk due to intolerance. I have a slight lactose intolerance, and cannot consume dairy without a cramp following. I don't reccomend it, but the choice is yours. If you believe it will not cause you problems go for it.
  12. The http://whole9life.com/2011/06/whole-30-v4/ is a great program that reflects a stricter, but more straightforward version of paleo. So check it out if you've got time.