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  1. hey i had similar acne and redness on my face..then i started using AZelaic acid 20% .. and its wonderful..its realy working..its fading my redness and hyperpigmentaion due to acne. u sud try dis medication. good luck :angel:
  2. you can try azelaic acid cream 15% or 20%. but i am using 20%. and its really working. i had redness on my face but then i started using this cream and even next day i could appreciate the result, it works very good on my skin. now my redness is fading day by day and i am happy with the results. this cream is mainly given for malesma i.e to cure hyperpigmentation but also for mild to moderate acne. so you should try this cream. you just type azelaic acid in the search box on this site and read t
  3. I'm not sure about the azelaic acid, it may be making your skin extra sensitive but it's just a guess. Make sure it's rinsed off with warm water REALLY good, the tiniest bit left behind can irritate your skin (dont forget an oil free moisturizer, or your skin WILL dry out). Also, being in front of a computer screen can make your skin redder after you wash your face, just a tip =p. Next time try the baking soda mixed with water instead. Only do this once a day. ok thanks :angel:
  4. hey i wanna ask about baking soda.. m having mild to moderate acne.. and using 20% azelaic acid. in the morning i applied baking soda, i softly rub my face with a paste of baking soda and aloe vera gel..that time it was ok..but soon after few minutes my skin became red and m still feeling irritaion on my skin..n its red too :( what shoud i do now
  5. i never had this problem but your mom can try 20% azelaic acid cream. it is prescribed for acne and commonly for melasma. it lighten the discoloration. otherwise chemical peel is another option. i hope your mom gets better soon!!
  6. yep i use these 2 and they are brilliant , my face looks younger marks are fading some have faded away , wrinkles and uneven tone gone used about 4 weeks retin a and 2 and half weeks maybe of skinoren. but i read somewhere that it also increases the facial hair growth ?? thats why i am confused about using it.
  7. hi i am using 20% azelaic acid cream. i have used it just thrice. but i am really tensed and confused about its effect on facial hair growth. hair growth on my face and body is already too much. so i am confused should i continue using 20% azeliac acid or stop it?? i am suffering from mild to moderate acne but am using it bacause of hyperpigmentaion redness due to acne.
  8. ya now i take healthy diet,no junk food and i am planning to have a good exercise routine also.. bt i am very tensed my face is getting worse day by day so i started using antibiotics . i took a course of doxicycin for 2 weeks. and also using clindamycin phosphate gel 1% . bt i saw no improvment so now i am using Azelaic acid cream 20% w/w. i hope it will work. it treat acne as well as hyperpigmentation too. can u tell me a way to get rid of these reddish spots/acne or scars whatever these
  9. can anyone tell me what type of acne and scares m suffering from? and how can i reduce this hyperpigmentaion?
  10. i have started using 20% AZELIAC ACID since yesterday. n i am also using CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE GEL 1% since last 2 weeks..bt no remarkable improvement. so nw m using aziderm cream. can anybody tel me which one is better Benzoyl peroxide or azeliac acid??? m confused