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  1. actually when i use 20mg and 40mg the feeling is same. yes also dry lips dry nose dry eyes ,body when on 20mg .
  2. yes when taking accutane this is happened .don;'t have much sexual desire as before . also not easy to keep erection all the time
  3. hi .. 1) yes . i think is low for me .. i am 180cm . 73kg.. maybe because my acne not so bad ..no body acne . just around mouth .. 2) actually i was asking dr gave me higher dosage .. i was asking for 60mg . he said 40mg is enough for me .. 3)i think after 10days i feel dry lips with 20mg, then drier and drier .. also dry eyes . body skin . dry nose (i got bleeding several times because i have Rhinitis),use body lotion everyday .. nose drops and eye drops , get Eczema on hands .sometimes l
  4. my first dr didn't want me use this . then i changed . went to another dr . also listed what medicine i use before .. asked can i use accutane . finally he said yes .
  5. my weight is around 73kg . now is the fifth month. i started 20mg for two months first .. the third and fourth month is 40mg .the 5th and 6th also 40mg . then i will stop it .. about lips just dry . but use several times lips balm everyday, i am using carmex from america.. is good for me . did blood test once after two months later .was fine .
  6. i had on hands .. is itch.. i am use Advantan 0.1%,normally 1 or 2 days will be gone .when got back use it again .. . also u can search here .have different treatment .
  7. Heyyy. How is it going for you with Accutane?

  8. Hey, I really wonder why the doses differ that much? I find it hard to believe that no one can't be cured with low doses. At least..I refuse to believe. Of course, I do not think that all european dermatologist prescribe only low doses and vice versa, but the tendency seems that low dose treatment is more common here than in United States. By the way, have you seen my picture? Could you compare your skin with mine? I just started my treatment and, so, I don't feel anything yet. Only my skin an
  9. hi . i am in europe too . i am 180cm 72kg. My doc gave me 20mg for two months first . then let me visit he again . i also confused about that dose .. btw mine ace i think is mild ,after 15days i start feel dry lips like in winter . before just little bit .. also got some breakout .
  10. i drink lots of water too . but also take protein shake .. first time i feel sweat like raining .. was little bit worried .
  11. I just use accutane 4 days .. i am doing workout 4 times a week .. last days i found really sweat lots .. i also was wonder coz accutane or other reason . now i think probably coz accutane ..
  12. Start Ciscutan(accutane) yesterday . i am 25y. 180cm(5'11), 71kg(156). My Dr let me use 20mg for 2 month first . then let me visit he again .20mg is too low for me ? also got one mixed cream,Erythromycinum , Hydrocortisonum Acetylat. Ultrasicc My acne not so bad . just happend around my mouth .. tried lots of medical before .. mostly work for 2 or 3 weeks . then back again .. Dr suggest me use one suncare gel, Heliocare extra suncare Gel, SPF50 from spain .. i tried . is good on face . no