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  1. Hi!Aquaphor Healing Ointment is amazing!! People must think I am working on commission for this stuff, as I've told 3-4 other people already!Honestly, order it from Amazon (its from the USA) and it comes in different sizes but lasts ages! It stays on a lot longer than vaseline and it seems to aid peeling skin straight away. My lips also go really tight and shiny especially in the mornings so its a good relief to slap some of this on!You can also use it for any areas of skin on your face before y
  2. Hi thereI too had itchy scalp in the first month and I found that head and shoulders shampoo helped, but alternate that with a shampoo for dry hair too, as I have heard that using too much head and shoulders can sometimes have side effects too?! Also, Aquaphor healing ointment is a life saver! Ordered online from Amazon and it lasts ages.Its like thick vaseline but stays on your lips longer. Been on Accutane for 2 months and my lips havent cracked yet....just get really dry and peel sometimes!Ho
  3. Im sure by now you have found a good moisturiser but if not, I have found that Cliniques Superdefence SPF25 for Dry Combination skin works a treat under make-up. Moisturises all the flaky bits but doesnt clog up pores and has sun protection!
  4. Hi People I am very happy today as I have had FOUR people at work tell me my skin looks good!! I never have heard this before lol! I feel pleased. I hadnt been paying too much attention to my skin recently. I found that if I didnt look in a mirror, then I could ignore the fact that my skin was red/flaky/dry/peeling. But, when I did take a good look today in the harsh light of the toilets at work, I must say it is a LOT smoother, not as many flaky patches. I actually look quite radiant!!
  5. Thank you! Yes it does help, very much I know what you mean, I don't want premature wrinkles, so I'm happy to slap factor 50 on my face.Luckily ive bought a fair bit of Factor 30 for my body!
  6. SunshineNic89

    Day 22

    Hi there :)I have a suggestion on something that may be useful to put on your spots.It is called Eau Thermale Avène TriAcnéal and its basically a cream that aids the healing process from severe imperfections. I sometimes put it on my more aggressive spots and it does help a bit!!It costs £23 from Boots so it is a little pricey but worth it I think! Hope this helps a bit
  7. Hello everyone. Skin looks quite nice today!! Gave myself a little facial using No 7's "Radiance Boosting" cream. Just applied it after shower while pores were open, leave for 5 mins and rinse with warm water. Then slapped a bit of my Clinique SuperDefence night cream. This morning it was nice and soft, hardly any flaky dry bits and most of my spots have gone down (apart from a new juicy one on my forehead - luckily my fringe covers it) I need some advice though! Going to Barbados
  8. Hi All, I feel much better this week. More my cheery self The tomato-like redness has calmed down thankfully and spots are decreasing in size. I am expecting a few to pop up soon as I am due my period in about 4 days time. But hopefully they won't make an appearance! My skin has felt less dry in the last couple of days. Not entirely sure why as i havent been drinking more water, or moisturising any more? Anyway, Im not complaining. Today my lips are quite sore. The skin is coming o
  9. Hey :)Ahh that sounds familiar, crying for no reason! I feel a lot better this week so at least the sadness has lifted! I will take a look at your blog to see how you are getting on, as i havent had the chance yet!
  10. Hi all, I must say, I can understand why people want to give up. My spots are slowly going (despite some new juicy ones) but my face is VERY red without my make up. Its not a big deal I just look a bit like a tomato. It feels such a long way to go before I finish these pills!! Also, just now I have noticed that the skin on my left forearm is really red but the skin over the other arm is just fine? It looks like sun burn which is impossible as its been heavily raining all week and ju
  11. Hello everyone, sorry i havent kept this up to date!! Time has just flown by ive been so busy. Not sure where to start really so sorry if I waffle on.... But basically since my derm appointment I have gone through a range of emotions. The week after the appointment, I got quite a few compliments about my skin, saying how well i looked and people saying they've never seen my skin so clear etc. So that was great, and a real confidence boost! But this last week, I just can't put my fing
  12. Hi people I had my first check up appointment at the Derm yesterday. When I walked in he said "Ahh you must be taking the drug" which I took to mean my face looked clearer! But then he continued "Yes, you look red"....cheers for that. I thought I looked fine!! Maybe its the "glow" my boss was talking about yesterday! Anyway, he asked me how my mood has been and examined my face quickly. Was pleased with the decreased spots on my forehead (which was my worst area) so decided to continue
  13. Hi! I have just googled your condition! Ahh that sounds really terrible. I understand why you may feel the way you do! But great news that you're soon to be starting accutane. I'm sure it will really help you!Do you have any idea how long you will be on the tane for?And where abouts are you from by the way?
  14. Hey,Have you tried Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturiser? It really is good, absorbs nicely but has enough moisture.I follow this with Clinique Superdefence SPF25 which really gives a good base for make up and provides all day comfort!
  15. Hi there :)I am on day 27 of accutane (im also from england) From my experience you will definately get dry lips!! I think because you are on a low does of 20mg you just havent had the time for it to fully kick in! I would strongly recommend buying Aquaphor healing ointment. It is from America but you can buy it on Amazon. It cost £11 plus £4 shipping so I know it's quite pricey but so worth it. When i used Vaseline and Carmex, it didnt help at all and my lips started burning and peeling!!It i