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  1. I really do apologize for this horrible whiny self-pitying monologue but I need to vent. No-one else understands. I'm a grown woman, in my late 20's already, and PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) is ruining my life. Why? I can handle the infertility (never wanted children anyway), the hirsuitism, the irregular periods. I can even handle the stubborn weight gain and the hair loss. Those at least can be covered up with clothes and hats and even wigs (even though I hate wearing wigs). What I
  2. No offense but where/how did you discover this? I just started taking SP again (wish I'd seen this post first now lol), only today in fact. I have PCOS which would qualify as having a 'broken damaged' body so you think I should avoid the SP? Could you provide any more info?
  3. My heart goes out to you. Mind if I ask you a question? Are you male or female? Because if you're female your acne issues may be due to a condition such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). It messes up your hormones and for some people can cause an array of pretty debilitating problems. Unfortunately there is nothing I can suggest other than alert you to the potential hazzards of lasers. They are NOT the risk free miracle cure as touted by derms and cosmetic industries. Some say they do n
  4. alternativista, many thanks for the comprehensive lists! They're a bit overwhelming right now so I hope I soon get time to investigate them further. I have one question though. You may have answered it already and my search function didn't work, I don't know. Btw I appreciate that you're not a doctor, however you are obviously very knowledgable on the subject so perhaps you might be able to advise? I'll include as much detail as possible in case every detail counts. Anyway, I need a good
  5. I'm pretty sure now that my acne must be hormonal for the most part. I have PCOS and endometriosis, in addition to hypothyroidism (for which I take levothyroxine), so am thinking of trying EPO (with lecitihin) as it apparently regulates hormones. However, I take 1.1mg omega 3-6-9 daily, and have heard taking EPO with omega fish oils results in omega 6 overload and actually exaccerbated inflamatory acne. I did search the forums for answers but found none that related to me specifically so I t
  6. Multivits can be counterproductive. You'd think they were regulated but just read the back and you'll see they often have crazy high levels of some vits (especially the b vits) and very low of others. I tried a super b vit supplement, but it was awful. The b6 and b12 broke me out all over my face and gave me a cyst that still hasn't gone away after months, and the b5 caused my hair to shed like crazy (apparently it will grow back though). However, everyone's circumstances are different; afte
  7. The last time I posted here, I had broken out like crazy and my acne was turning cystic. I managed to secure an appointment with the doctor that day, and fortunately a derm the next day due to them having a cancellation (but oh, my wallet was livid at me and still is). Despite the reservations I expressed in this forum, and all that my doc had advised, ultimately sheer panic and exasperation drove me to throw all caution to the wind and ask for the 'tane. The acne was getting so out of hand that
  8. This. No disrespect to anyone for feeling depressed about their acne (I sure as hell am), neither am I saying we should all compare ourselves to those in the third world starving and dying of disease and count our blessings, but if possible a little perspective will do a lot of good. Perspective, however, requires a decent amount of emotional maturity, which for a maelstrom of reasons some people develop earlier than others, and others far later (I'm late 20's and emotionally still in the pl
  9. Over the last 4 days my inflamed acne has gone bezerk, and to top it all off two nodular cystic looking lumps have appeared on my temples. Currently only two, but they're bright red and growing bigger by the day. I'm hoping to get an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. No idea if he would be able to inject them with cortisone but if he can't then what can I do? Retin-A? Germolene? Dalacin-T? Salicylic acid mask? I would really appreciate it if someone could advise. and if anyone has a c
  10. quick reply now as I'm aboutt o leave for work. Will reply properly later. Just to say to sunnicali; thank you for starting this thread, and to jenstanford78; I have PCOS and endo too! So relieved to find I'm not alone!
  11. Hi Sophia, Sorry cannot advise anything but just thought I'd let you know you are definitely not alone. I hope you find something that works for you. I'm a little older than you and have suffered from acne for around 2 decades. I now have adult acne which is rapidly becoming far worse than anything I experienced as a teen, and nothing - absolutely nothing - has made any difference. However, do not let my words alarm you though; I believe it's safe to say that I'm probably in the minority becau
  12. Hi Janet, Even if you are desperate I'd advocate avoiding lasers altogether, if it's possible for you to cancel your appointment that is. In many cases they have done more harm than good. Please see IPL laser damage support group. Don't mean to scare you but there really is no sugar coated way of putting it.
  13. Since July 29 I am taking a mega b-vit complex which contains as much as 10x daily requirements. I had read about the dangers of vits b5 causing hair loss and vits b6 and b12 aggravating breakouts, so with this in mind I decided to halve and quarter the b-vit tablets. I wanted to eigth them but that was impossible; 1/4 was the smallest I could reach. Despite doing this, and certainly not taking them every day (since July 29 I've only taken 3 in total, however before that I was taking a much sm
  14. update: my supplement regime continues as and when my diet is lacking in certain nutrients. It now includes: ~ zinc picolinate+copper (30mg+2mg respectively) ~ fish oil (800mg Omega 3, comprised of 580mg EPA, minimum 120mg DHA, maximum 100mg other Omega 3 fatty acids) ~ Norwegian cod liver oil (410mg, comprised of vitamin A 1250 IU, vitamin D 135 IU, Omega 3 fatty acids 80mg) ~ vitamin D (1000IU in spray form, once or twice daily) ~ supermarket brand vitamin E ~ supermarket brand vitamin C ~a
  15. Thanks RenegadeLamp and Ryuzaki. Since August 4th I've only taken 2 more zinc picolinates as the first one made me feel quite nauseous despite having taken it with a meal. The next two haven't been so bad, so I'm going to gradually increase my usage from 3 in 10 days to one every other day, then hopefully one a day. I rarely eat anything that contains zinc so it is definitely a supplement that I need. By the way, the exact supplement that I take is 30mg zinc picolinate with 2mg copper. Ryuzak
  16. I believe I might be able to attest to this. I hadn't heard of manuka honey causing breakouts (by purging impurities), just reducing inflamation, which was why I began using it. I did not expect a purge. Since starting with it last week (it works out as mostly every other day, several hours each time) my skin is looking ever more hideous. Papules, pustles and inflamed-looking red patches popping up everywhere. I can only assume this must be the purging stage and that the manuka honey is at l
  17. YESTERDAY EVENING: Slight but nevertheless unsightly breakout on chin and cheeks. I think this answers my question as to whether my breakouts were sugar related. Applied manuka honey this morning as a spot treatment and braved the world with a sticky face! YESTERDAY LATE NIGHT: Seems the manuka honey was pretty much ineffective against the breakout, which has only gotten worse. This morning I had a few small blackheads and about 5 tiny pustles, now the blackheads are noticeably larger and
  18. Just as I predicted, the Retin A and aloe vera made no difference. No more pimples as yet but the existing ones haven't changed. What is worse, they are now accompanied by bright red blotches, and my skin looks even worse than the first bout of uglies I had last week. Dehydrated, dull, leathery, like a heavy smoker and drinker. Tried applying aloe vera several times today and did a 1 hour spot treatment oh lemon juice and manuka honey, followed by washing with lukewarm water and, pat dry, then
  19. Seems the manuka honey was pretty much ineffective against the breakout, which has only gotten worse. This morning I had a few small blackheads and about 5 tiny pustles, now the blackheads are noticeably larger and I have 15 pustles of varying sizes . Is this the result of eating too much sugar the other day, or the change in diet and skin regimen, or what? I don't know what to do, I just feel so frustrated and upset. I have acne, and acne well and truly has me right now. Meh. Super mega mas
  20. Slight but nevertheless unsightly breakout on chin and cheeks. I think this answers my question as to whether my breakouts were sugar related. Applied manuka honey this morning as a spot treatment and braved the world with a sticky face Haven't washed it off yet.
  21. rockets, I don't know, sorry. Perhaps someone else could enlighten us? goofyrfy, let me know how you get on! You don't need to leave the mask on for as long as I did. Some people leave it on for 20 mins whilst there are others who leave it on overnight.
  22. As of 4 days ago I am no longer on a supplement regime. Instead, I'm making time to plan in advance my daily food and fluid intake, all the while consulting the extensive vitamin+mineral list, and if there's anything I'm either not eating or not eating enough of I include a vitamin to replace it. It's time consuming but I'm confident it will be worth it ultimately, especially for my finances. Also took my first 30mg zinc picolinate today.