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  1. DainBramaged

    Forehead scar revision

    I had the scar revision at around 10/2014
  2. Weird, Juvederm is supposed to last more than that. I imagine my Restylane injection won't even last half a year. How fast does it wear off, when it starts to? Does it happen gradually or in a few weeks? Have your scars improved by the years?
  3. moles are worse than scars artifical moles are worse than moles
  4. Well, I don't doubt your scars may have disappeared, but it doesn't sound that effective. I mean... 4 years is a long time, and you're gonna get sharp hair all over your face
  5. Man, I read all of this, and I feel you, honestly. I started using make-up for scars more than a year ago and it only made things worse. More and more time spent in front of the mirrors, first to apply up to a point that it looks perfect (as if anyone's perfect...) and then checking myself. It was only dereriorating, until some months ago, I realized it was not normal, so I seeked psychological assistance (appart from the skin treatments I'm undergoing at the same time). It seems that you, me, a
  6. Make sure your child has a high self-esteem first of all and don't let him be worried about skin issues, or no matter how much acne he has, he will not be happy. Either the dermatologist can help a lot or a little, one thing is certain: you can make sure your child feels good with himself, so that acne, and many related problems -they all fall in the same category- do not affect his life. I can't make any more specific suggestions than that, but I will repeat the obvious: don't give big dimensio
  7. Right. The feeling you say you get when you walk next to girls is a form of fear. It paralyzes your thought and your reflexes are slower, cause you are afraid something may not go well. While this thought remains more or less the same, by repeated exposure to uncomfortable situations the emotion will fade and you will not have as much anxiety as before, because your mind will get familiar with the situation and will recognize that there are no big risks involved. This is a scientific way to p
  8. Maybe you'd like to consider hyaluronic acid injections, although they are not pernament.
  9. If you used just the term "excision", maybe you should explain them what you want. I'm sure any plastic surgeon does such procedures.
  10. BLAH. Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to apply makeup. Come on now. This is the 21st century. Fathers are stay at home parents and women are starting to populate primarily male careerss. Do away this archaic mindset please. Sexist societal taboos Anyway. sorry for straying from the topic. I enjoy wearing makeup and covering up my scars. It helps me feel more confidet. IDK ! It's not about sexism, as many people stated, I don't want to wear make-up, I feel fake, I j
  11. The only way you can overcome this is to pressure yourself. Feel uncomfortable on purpose.
  12. This is what my psychologist told me I have as well.
  13. I know I can't change your mind, cause I feel the same for myself too and it's like an obsession, but you shouldn't worry at all, such scars are hardly visible. I wouldn't risk doing any treatment.