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  1. I am sure that most of the people having blackheads on nose. Why blackheads often occur on nose? This is because nose is the area where most of the oil glands concentrate if compared with other area on our face. When the sebaceous gland’s bump accumulate excess oil, it will blocked the pores of nose and hence cause the blackheads on nose. There are other causes of nose blackheads include: 1. Hormonal imbalance 2. Excessive makeup and use of improper skin products (with fragrances and artific
  2. Well, first of all, before we discuss about the method to get rid of blackheads, let me tell you a little bit about blackheads. What is blackhead? To put it simple and understandable, blackheads are little bumps which embedded into the pores due to the excess oil in the pores of our skin. Blackhead usually caused by dead skin cells which cannot be cleansed out due to blockage. When this oil is contact with the oxygen in the air, it will oxidize and turns dark color. What is the difference bet
  3. Thanks Jaden! Hope my information can help you up! Have a nice day~
  4. Hi everyone. Today, I am going to blog about the common FAQ that most of the acne sufferer wish to know. Here I list out 5 common questions and the answer on each of the question. (Resource:http://mybookweb.com/blog/) Well, here are the common FAQ: 1.How does acne form and how do I get rid of them? Well, I suffer from acne for more than 10 years since my teenage years and based on my experience, the best cure for acne is not any conventional acne product but how to care your body th
  5. There are hundred of home remedies for acne out there and you are wondering which one is actually effective? Today, I am going to teach you 5 simple and effective ways on how to get rid of acne which I experienced before and found that its really work for me! Follow them and do let me know if they worked on your skin. I’m sure they will! =) 1. Oatmeal. Oatmeal contain polysaccharides (a type of complex carbohydrate). A gel will form when the polysaccharides mix with water. This gel is very