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  1. I'm not sure why it wouldn't work? Doesn't it just exfoliate your skin? Like gets rid of the stratum corneum (top layer of the epidermis) which is where a lot of the skin's imperfections are (wrinkles, fine lines, etc)? My acne is mostly gone, but my skin is kind of rough and uneven. I really just want to improve the texture of my skin :(! I also like how in the product description it says Better absorption of skincare products. Does that mean my acne medication will penetrate more effectively
  2. Or would it be too "rough"? I came across a DDF product called DDF Revolve 400X Micro-Polishing System. *amazon sells it for 30 dollars cheaper. I love DDF, and its been greatly reviewed on a lot of websites. I'm just wondering if its okay to use in addition to my Differin? The texture of my skin is kind of rough, but really not too bad. Thanks
  3. if it is completely wrong and you believe you get cystic acne from it why do you proceed to do it? I have problems with emotionally eating? IDK. When I have a really bad day I just want to console myself with junk food. For the most part (except for the very few times) I've been able to control my cravings and urges.
  4. This thread scares me so bad. It makes me wonder if I'm going to have a life long battle with acne. I've had acne for nearly two years. For the first year it was pretty minor and only since earlier this year has it been more "severe". But now its for the most part calmed down. I only have one pimple on my face right now. Now I'm just battling the red marks (which cover a majority of my face) and the three scars I have =C! I hope that this isn't just a "break" from acne and that its actua
  5. I have a huge pimple formation on my face. Its like the size of a penny. I'm 100% sure its related to the binging of the food. The belief that food doesn't negatively affect acne is completely wrong. In addition to the medication my dermatologist prescribed me I've completely changed my eating habits. I hardly get pimples now and I haven't had a cyst in nearly 2 months. Now I feel like I have a cyst forming =C! This is the 3rd time I've went completely crazy with eating since I've changed my
  6. Ugh, my diet completely failed yesterday. I feel like I've completely ruined any progress I've made over the past few months. I don't even know what happened or why, but I just pigged out on crap all day. I started off the morning by eating poptarts with cocoa puffs. I had lunch at a Mexican restaurant and ate 3 platefuls of nasty [tasty] greasy Mexican food. For an afternoon snack I ate some of the little debbie snacks that were inconveniently laying on my friend's counter. For dinner I had Piz
  7. In addition to the Differin 3.0 Gel and Solodyn 80MG I've had a complete diet change and started buying more organic toiletries. I also started taking vitamins, fish oil, etc. I've pretty much had a lifestyle change in addition to the medication. Before (Cheek/Forehead): After (Cheek/Forehead): I feel like in a short 2 and a half months my face has drastically changed... for the better. Before my face was bumpy, rough, pimply, and just gross. I still have a bunch of redness, but my
  8. Acne doesn't make you ugly. Acne itself is ugly because of what it represents (the fact that your body is out of balance somehow) but it does not make a person ugly. I don't know about that. If we didn't think acne detracted from our appearances, we wouldn't be here in the first place, would we? Or because we recognize that something is wrong with our bodies when something that shouldn't be occurring does. I think a better question would be "does acne make you more self-conscious
  9. wow rofl, if i said my dad something about moisturisers he probably be like WTF IS THAT? :huh: BUG OFF WITH THAT SHIT!! ;O kinda things 0_o but your dad actually..reccomended..it..for..u? wow, some dad :| xD Yeah, IDK. My family is really into beauty and maintaining appearance. My mother pretty much forced me to start wearing makeup because she was embarrassed by my then very minor acne. Now that face my face is doing really well I'm like addicted to makeup and probably will continue to u
  10. Over the past week-ish I've been getting these little weird pimples in random spots on my face. I've been popping them... I know I probably shouldn't, but its like they come to head so fast/look like they're about to burst at any moment (and a couple have just kind of popped by accident) . But when they pop a liquid-y puss doesn't come out. Instead this hard lint ball sized thing comes out. Its kind of slimy and kind of hard. The even more peculiar thing is that the spots heal REALLY fast. Like
  11. I ate a lot of veggies, a bunch of foods containing lots of cheese, and some alcohol, lol... IDK. I've cut down on dairy, wheat/grains (not as much as dairy though), and some other things. In addition to this 80% of my beverages are water. The other chunk is juices and the very rare starbucks splurge. I just feel like that since I've drastically cut out dairy and bad foods over all my face has improved a lot. I think that the combination of a healthier diet, using more organic care products,
  12. I've determined that dairy is bad for me. It seems like any time I eat something with a lot of dairy (like a pizza) my face breaks out. I was at a party a few weeks ago and kind of "caved". Up until then I hadn't had much dairy, but that night I kind of had a lot. The next day my jaw line and left cheek broke out pretty of bad. I had this massive pimple on my jaw line that completely altered it. It was like my face was deformed. It was grotesque, lol. I was pretty clear up until then and since
  13. Sure finding good healthy food isn't that hard, but its impossible [for me] not to get cravings for foods I've enjoyed for a majority of my life. I've been on my current "diet" for a few months. Years before that I was cramming my face full of yummy delicious junk food. I had some friends over yesterday. They ordered from my favorite local pizza place. The pizza is so greasy and good. And they always order it with extra cheese. I instead ate a chicken salad. Would have rather had the yu
  14. IDK what's up with you people, but if I don't regularly shower in hot water I break out. But my father had a whole house water filtration system installed (softener with "Total Filtration").