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  1. OH ok. Well thank you! hopefully they go away soon!
  2. So ive had fairly clear skin for the past 4 years since ive been post tane. Came back to this site to try out the regimen again. Its been 2 weeks and i have followed the regimen to a T. I even bought the cleanser and moisturizer and use 2.5 BP. All of a sudden i have gotten like 6 major zits, 2 on each cheek and 1 on each side of my jawline. They are like big zits too ones that are just red and under the skin. I havent had pimples like this since i was on Accutane years back. IS this so
  3. Well i am now almos 2 months post tane, and i couldnt be happier. My skin looks flawless. i still have a couple little red spots, but havent had any acne in a long time. I was still getting a couple zits here and there for the first couple post tane weeks, but now it has been awesome... Hang in there, this shit works Check out my gallery, to see how much i improved,, i was nasty lol
  4. 40mgs first month 80mg all the way out
  5. Hey, Ya i too have taken Acccutane for just over 5 months now and pretty much no improvement. Ive broken out in places that i never have before (like on my jaw line). My derm still wont up my dosage passed 40mg /80mg alternating daily. I actually just started Dan Kerns regime about 2 weeks ago to see if that will help.....Right now im in that stupid initial breakout phase soooo not to happy
  6. Well today was my last day of my 5 month course. I am pretty happy with the results. I didnt see great result until the last month but now my face is looking good. I only have one zit on my neck that is now healing and a couple red marks that a fading, smooth skin finally. For those of you that get discouraged with accutane, please stick with it, it will work out, like i said mine didnt start working dramatically until like 2 weeks ago. I will continue to post my post accutane logs and let e
  7. Today is day 144, and my face is doing wonderful,, i think i had one little zit on my neck in the past week and thats it,, my face looks clear for the first time in forever,, i just have red spots on my jaw line where my trouble spots were during the course... other than that, thank you accutane,, only 5 days left and i done, yes,,,, How long will it take for the dryness and chapped lips to go away, and the fatigue?
  8. You know ur on accutane when: U have bloodstains on your pillow cases from bloody noses in your sleep, U are constantly ripping/peeling/tearing dead lip skin off your lips, Grumpy Tired as poo all day freak out about a pimple, Have shiny lips from aquaphor, chicks think you are constanly blushing, but ur really not, changing your diet, chugging enormous amounts of water, stupid rashes everywhere on ur hands! , thats only a handful, but the outcome is good
  9. i am almost done with my course.. 5th month,, , only like 13 days left, and i still get a zit here and there, even though face has improved,, it reacts to people differently... for all we know u might be clear in 2 weeks,, i thought i would be clear 2 1/2 months in too but dayz will go by and sooner or later u will see improvements.. just give it time.
  10. ya,, well thank you for the answers,, i am just kinda discouraged.. today so far has been a good day, i jsut want the zits to go away so i can have the redmarks around my jaw line to fade.. and i quite frankly do not want another round of tane.. This shit has tore my body apart; chapped lips everyday, dry skin, tiredness, bloody/stuffed nose, bad moods some days. Who knows maybe i will clear by the end of treatment or afterwards, well just have to see.. its just screwy cuz i started tane with
  11. ok ok,, i am currently on my 5th month of Accutane, like day 129 ,, 40mgs for the first month and 80mgs a day since then... I am still getting zits ,,atleast 1 new one every day or every two days.. Shouldnt i be clearing up??? the new zits just leave new red marks to get rid of and its an ongoing battle. I am just getting a little discouraged.. I am a broke college kid and i feel like i wasted all this money on this "miracle" drug. I also have been battling stupid chapped lips , continous dr
  12. WEllll today is Day 129,,, soo close bbabbyyy,,, skin is doin bettter.. only had like 1 active one in the past couple days buts its pretty much gone now... skin is improving finallllly.. still getting rashes and crap though,, i got those little bumps all over the top of my hands and arms,, kinda gross.. but besides that and the chapped lips every thing is goin well,,, bout damn time!
  13. Welll its been awhile since a posting again,, Today is Month 4 Day (16) total days,, 111.. i belive Things are calming down,, less actives now.. got one active on my left jawline and i get little ones here and there,, just redspots and annoying scabs.. just wishing for the best still,, chapped lips are still a bummer..
  14. WELLL its been a little while since i have posted,,, today equals DAY 104 baby.. triple digits,, Skin is doin ok,,, still gettin a zit here and there still, today i woke up with one little one on my lower jaw line,, still just alot of zits drying up and chapped lips,,, i think improvements are soon thought,,, keep yall updated