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  1. I agree 100%. I also do dermarolling myself.
  2. The topic here is scarless healing - not treatment for acne. Stay on topic!
  3. Wrong. I have reported Rez earlier. Nothing happened. I also reported his last post. I expect the moderators to do their job and ban him.
  4. A ruined thread caused by childish people and lack of control from moderators.
  5. I agree 100%. Give Lough and Polarity credit for pushing forward. And at the moment there is nothing that proves that SkinTe doesnt work. Lets see. I still have faith in SkinTe, even though it would have been fantastic to see photos were they showed us 100% regenerated skin already.
  6. What basic stuff? three photos of pigs skin on their site, facilities, similar results in human, conversations with Swanson and thats all. Just words. There is no basic stuff. We do not even know what their paste is. We dont even see papers about swine tests. Result is what matter. Result is basic stuff. Are you kidding me? What you are talking about is called MARGIN, and is written about A LOT here on this topic. It takes you about 10 minutes to get enough information about that. Dont come
  7. Please read through this topic before making any statements. The same questions are being asked over and over and over. It´s annoying when "new" people come here and think they know everything regarding SkinTe wothout even reading about the basic stuff.
  8. Positive news - but still very vague. If SkinTe works as we hope I think dermabrasion + SkinTE will do the job for most people. I might be completely wrong though.
  9. This thread should be closed. What are the moderators thinking?!
  10. For the millionth and last time: there is thread dedicated to emotional stress caused by acne and scars. Seriously, is it really that hard to understand?
  11. People should know by now to not take their comments seriously. Next week Rez could be the happiest person on earth. Its laughable.
  12. Sometimes I feel like this message board is filled with kids. Nag nag nag, all the time. Be a man - get a grip in your life. If you want to give up, then give up. Just dont bother us with your "news". Over and over.
  13. It is the same thing all over again. Depressed people trolling this board without even knowledge facts. This must be one of the few message boards where the moderators allow trolling.
  14. So a better question will be: How did the skin regenerate in pigs? Did it take on the properties of the surrounding skin or the donor site? At least Polarity knows the answer to that question. Polarity expects that the human skin will respond the same way as the skin in pigs, right? In all honesty, the phrase complete regeneration is misleading if the skin doesnt compare 100% to the surrounding skin.
  15. If treatments work, and backed up by science, it is no longer alternative treatments. It is medicine.