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  1. What does he mean when he says hair/gland isnt 100 %? Is it 90, 50 or 20 %? If it makes the skin look 100 % (which he says), I am sure people will start using it. It is still 100 times better than our options today.
  2. 12 times if you hit the right spots every time. Which is unlikely.
  3. Well written! Thats why we shouldnt bother with the treatments we got today. Some people here advertise different lousy products because it gains their business and themeselves. We deserve better!
  4. When one of the best options is to needle yourself in the face (microneedling) it tells me how bad the science is regarding scarring. We should demand more and better options. There should be a huge difference between 1990 and 2020. But the industry makes huge money while we accept the situation and the lousy treatments. As long as we use money on todays shitty treatments we delay the progression to better treatments that actually works.
  5. Treatments today are not good enough. Its as simple as that. But each to his/her own. I wont waste my money and time on todays treatments.
  6. Yes. Thats the spirit. Thats how the world shows progression.
  7. I never liked BA. He hijacked basically every threads and talked down future treatments. I called him out a long time ago. Todays treatments arent good enough. End of story. Some might help, but you have no guarantee for success. It can even make your scars worse. And it takes to much time and money also. Whats interesting is what kind of treatments are possible in the future?
  8. Please dont make this a health thread. You said you hate to make this a nutriton topic, still you do it. Most of us dont believe in that.
  9. He has also been on Mars fighting, so...
  10. I agree 100%. I also do dermarolling myself.
  11. The topic here is scarless healing - not treatment for acne. Stay on topic!
  12. Wrong. I have reported Rez earlier. Nothing happened. I also reported his last post. I expect the moderators to do their job and ban him.
  13. A ruined thread caused by childish people and lack of control from moderators.
  14. I agree 100%. Give Lough and Polarity credit for pushing forward. And at the moment there is nothing that proves that SkinTe doesnt work. Lets see. I still have faith in SkinTe, even though it would have been fantastic to see photos were they showed us 100% regenerated skin already.
  15. What basic stuff? three photos of pigs skin on their site, facilities, similar results in human, conversations with Swanson and thats all. Just words. There is no basic stuff. We do not even know what their paste is. We dont even see papers about swine tests. Result is what matter. Result is basic stuff. Are you kidding me? What you are talking about is called MARGIN, and is written about A LOT here on this topic. It takes you about 10 minutes to get enough information about that. Dont come