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  1. Hi there!I just created my blog - and found yours. We seem to be quite similar. I'm 30 and battling through, feeling SO UNBELIEVABLY TIRED IT'S UNREAL!So, anyway, in reading your blog, my dermo suggested washing with Dove soap bar - which I've been doing for the past 2 months, and mosturising with AVEENO. This has been my routine for a few months, and I noticed my skin is no longer dry and irritated.Hope that's helpful. Good luck to you! x
  2. Hey all - so I'm keeping a diary of my progress with Accutane, for two reasons, mainly to monitor myself, moods and progress, as well as for any people out there who may be able to offer advice and support. So... My story so far. I had acne as a teenager, 11-18, and saw a private dermo who gave anti biotics. I was acne-free from 18-29. I took the morning after pill a year or so ago, and noticed I started getting acne on my chin, which worked it's way up my face. I've been sufferin