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  1. Just wanted to update you guys on my smoothbeam progress. I just had my 3rd smoothbeam appt and I did go and see "SkinRN" in Florence, SC. I live in Atlanta so it wasnt that bad of a drive. (4 hours) It was very much worth it. I thorougly recommend her for any of you guys that can make it out there. She was a sweetheart and really made the experience pleasurable (as funny as that is) I previously had my first two treatments done on setting 10 and 11 by a dermo in Atlanta. She thought this was cr
  2. Ive been using "Principal Secrets" beauty products for the past few months and I just noticed that my enzyme treatment and moisturizer contains the papain enzymes in them. If you guys are interested in these products, I do love them and have noticed my skin improving much! (in combo with smoothbeam of course!) Here is the website http://www.principalsecret.com. I use the Advanced Skin Care System Brittany
  3. Thanks for the info. and link scorpion! I will have to try to find the manuka honey at one of my health food stores around Atlanta! Brittany-
  4. Scorpion, Sorry if I sound kind of dumb, but what is manuka honey? Is this regular honey that you can buy at the grocery store or? I was interested in your regimine and was confused on whether this is "special non-grocery store" honey or regular honey? Thanks! Brittany
  5. Hey guys, Well its been about 3 weeks since my first Smoothbeam and It's still looking pretty good. I do have a question, the scars are filling in yet they have a slight red appearance to them. I do cover it with a little makeup, but I was wondering what you guys think about this? Is this a good thing? Sign of producing collagen? or a bad thing? hyperpigmentation? Thanks everyone! Brittany
  6. How minor are my scars? Well, my sister and fiance ask me why in the world Im doing these "facials" because they see nothing wrong with my face. They basically think Im crazy, but for me its how I feel about myself that really is important. Thats why Im doing this, not to please other people. But I really have only 2 scars on my left cheek that really bother me, rolling type scar and maybe the other one is a rolling/box scar. One of those scars seems to be dissapearing though from my first Smoot
  7. Hey everyone, Ive spoken to a few of you through private messages but I just thought I'd contribute my first experience to all of you with my Smoothbeam. I had my first Smoothbeam approx. a week ago on setting 10 and Im fairly pleased with whats been going on. I know its only been a week, but Im hoping what Im seeing isnt due to some degree of swelling that I dont realize. ...but I really could notice only slight swelling/redness that seemed to go away within a day. Im guessing this is because
  8. Hi everyone, Its been awhile since Ive posted but its prob. because Ive been doing fairly well. I had Nlite a few months ago while also using copper peptides and have seen a fair improvement which Im very happy about. Yet Ive decided Smoothbeam might be a better bet, just because it seems more invasive/powerful. Im having problems though locating doctors who provide it. I live in Atlanta, Georgia area and on the weekends Im in the North Florida region visiting my fiance. You cant really search
  9. That was a wonderful post. Its exactly what I think about times when I feel like dying. Sometimes I realize how greatly I should be greatful and happy about so many things...its times like these when I realize how minor this "stuff" is
  10. Just wanted to update everyone on my progress. Its been about 2 weeks since my NLite and Im very happy with the results so far. I do feel that I have noticed a moderate improvement in the few rolling scars that I have. When I look in flouresent (however u spell that) lighting, I can barely see them when I look directly at the mirror. I definitly remember being able to see them looking straight at a mirror and having the light shadow the scars, I really dont see this anymore! THis is only my seco
  11. In reply to your post Jamie... My scars are very minimal rolling scars on my left cheek. I feel this kind of procedure works best for the rolling scars (not ice pick scars) Ive only had them for aprox. 3 years so they are fairly new as well, I dont know if this makes any difference either. My NLite treatment was done in Atlanta..this is where my family lives, I live in Panama City Beach, FL. For the left side of my face, which is where I had the NLite done, it cost me 400.00. The doc also gav
  12. Wow, thats pretty cool youve seen a 30% improvement. A few days ago I had my first NLite treatment and yesterday I ordered the TriReduction Protect & Restore Basic Skin Biology cream. Its on its way in the mail and Im very happy to hear youve had nice results with it. So far, as far as the NLite goes, maybe its my imagination, I dont know...but my scars today look like they are starting to fill in a little. Its only been a few days! hmm :-k Like I said, maybe today is just a "good" day and
  13. I had my Nlite today so I will keep everyone up to date on my progress (or lack of it it, hope not!) Oh and a question, you said it would be best to do two sessions separated between 30 days. Im confused on this because Ive read that having the procedure immediently done again within a certain time is really a waste of time and money because your skin has just started the collagen producing process...My doc told me it would be best to come back in 6 weeks for my second treatment. Just a lil conf
  14. Tommorow is my appt. for my collagen injections and Tuesday I meet with a local plastic surgeon to discuss N-Lite. I will let u guys know how the appt.'s go! Bye, take care!
  15. Yeah guess your right about the Nlite, but doesnt it just stimulate the collagen at the dermis level? I guess that means that it destroys it?