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  1. Hi Rachel! I was just perusing on here to see how all my lovely girls were doing post-Accutane. So weird that you had some spots creep up I have to say that it's been almost 4 months since I took Accutane and I have had a few tiny pimples, but they go away fast. Oddly enough, I also had one inside my nose--it was sooo painful wtf! I came on here case today I had like 3 tiny pimples just randomly crop up. It started to make me worry and I immediately logged onto acne.org to find conf
  2. Hi Maggie! Sorry I haven't been on here so I wasn't able to see your message. I was only wearing light powder in the photo, no foundation/other makeup. My skin is still clear, of course I get the occasional tiny pimple, but nothing massive like I used to. I will only get a tiny pimple or two around my period, but that is normal. I use retin-A cream (tretinoin) mixed with moisturizer applied EVERY OTHER night, not every night. I get dried out if I do it every night. I stopped the birth contro
  3. I wish I could!!!! I love accutane forever!!!! Honestly Betsy, your log is still one of my favorites. Soooo funny and honest!!! Let's keep in touch via FB.
  4. I know I have 3 days left of Accutane, but I'm thinking of stopping now for several reasons: 1. I'm over my cumulative dose and I haven't been breaking out. Yayy!!! 2. I'm under extreme stress with moving to London in only 1-2 weeks (depending on when we can get our shit together with repairing our condo, finding a renter, packing, sending our kitty Snowball across the ocean ). 3. My hair has been shedding more than normal. My hair has been shedding A LOT. I didn't think the hair loss
  5. Polysporin cream (an over-the-counter topical antibiotic) and only clean it with a gentle cleanser like Cerave hydrating cleanser. DO NOT put any acne creams on it since it will only further irritate it. If it starts to get oozy, call a dermatologist ASAP. This happened to me once and I got a staph infection on my face. NOT FUN.
  6. 8 DAYS LEFT, THANK THE UNIVERSE!!!! I'm so ready to be done with this stuff. My lower back has been killing me lately if I do too much house cleaning/movement, which is a fairly new symptom since Month 4. My hands even cramped up really badly when I was doing some kitchen remodeling, and that scared me, because I do NOT want arthritis for the rest of my life. I hope it goes away ASAP. I was flushing really badly in the afternoon. It seems to happen when I'm exhausted and particularly post
  7. Oh no! Why don't you wait until after accutane to try anything like putting an acid on your face? Even though it's diluted, I don't think it's safe. I would hate to see you cause skin damage from the abrasiveness and destroying your acid mantle since your skin is already compromised on accutane. Just my 2 cents.
  8. AMAZING!!! I'm so happy to hear that your feetsies have healed up, too!! Are you not even wearing any makeup? Dang. Looks soooo good! Has any redness diminished, too? I have 9 days left and omg I am so ready to be done! My lower back has been killing me lately from all the house work/remodeling we've been doing. AMEN to your lips returning back to normal!!!!! I'm so ready for that. Oddly enough I haven't had to use eye drops like a month. Accutane is weird like that. I feel it a lot more o
  9. Hey buddy! How do I avoid the foods that trigger my sensitivities and allergies? I had to learn to be extra diligent because I can have some pretty severe reactions. The only acne-food connection I was ever able to make was too much sugar and cow dairy. I'm not sure if gluten made a difference or not since I always ate it. But gluten tears up my intestines, causes rashes, and over time made me deficient in iron, B-12, and just overall I felt like I was dying since all food was passing through m
  10. Oh my god...what an insane experience. I am so sorry. I thought about getting and IUD, but now I'll never go through with it. Birth control pills have been horrible enough. Thanks for posting this!!!
  11. Thank you, Sammy!!! I haven't used her argan oil, but thanks for the tip! If my skin is more dry than usual, I use REN's osmotic day moisturizer underneath the Josie Maran spf 40 and that seems to do the trick. I didn't layer today and I was sorry because my skin has felt scaly. It's so weird how physical sunscreens are actually drying compared to chemical ones. I used to be able to use chemical sunscreens without any issues, but ever since accutane, if I use them on my face, it turns red and
  12. Yay I called my derm office and they put a prescription for Valtrex through to my pharmacy so I don't even have to go in and see someone. They said even though the cold sores are healing, that it is best to just knock it out with the Valtrex to avoid it getting worse. The nurse agreed that it was probably accutane because a lot goes on in your system during this time, and the immune system can get kinda wacky. Probably doesn't help that I flew to Florida the weekend before last and then flew to
  13. Thank you for responding! Yay to the good things, you are right to celebrate . I shouldn't get too caught up on the cold sores ruining my life, but yeah, I'm going to call my derm AGAIN tomorrow. They didn't friggin' call me back today. They're not usually like that, just when I needed them the most. :( Thanks, Betsy. Gosh-friggin-damnit. I KNEW accutane caused it, because I've never had this sort of thing before. My lips have been a mess so it makes sense that they are cold sores. Yes, they
  14. KATIE YOUR SKIN IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!! You have healed yourself! You should be so proud. I AM PROUD OF YOU! Hehehe This accutane experience has been extremely tiring, difficult, worrisome, but worth it, just like you said. I'm so happy to have you as my e-friend, as well as the other lovely ladies of acne.org. Yes, let us know how the scar talk goes with the surgeon. I have more scars now than I have ever before, but it's mainly because I was stubborn about my cystic acne and didn't t
  15. Hi Rachel, So so so so sorry to hear about your grandfather. Sending you loads of healing love and energy. Coffee is weird for me, too, and usually makes me break out, but it hasn't been breaking me out lately thank god. It still makes me feel super jittery though. I should stop for that very reason alone, acne aside. I'm surprised it has no effect on you! I think our different responses are largely genetic, because there's just no other explanation. I don't know the iPledge response.