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  1. Thanks, I did have that mixed up. So, as I understand it, a food intolerance is just one of the ways in which your diet could contribute to acne? So if Hi-Gi foods are contributing to my acne, its not a food intolerace? What about dairy, do you have to be intolerant to it for it to be contributing to your acne? So if I have a food intolerance to something then I can be reacting to it for weeks afterward, but if its not a food intoleracne then I can afford to have cheat meals? If diet is contribu
  2. I have recently started the paleo diet, and I was planning on having three cheat meals a week. But then I realised that this may not be appropriate if I'm elimination foods to see if it will improve my ance. From what I've read, my main concerns are to eat a low GI diet free of dairy. So I was thinking it might be better to switch to a low-GI deit instead of paleo, so that I'm more likely to stick to it, if I can't have cheat meals. I'm on the third day in it now and I'm feeling pretty tired, so
  3. So literally a pea sized amount? And I should cover my whole skin, not just the acne areas? (sorry I lost the instructions that came with it.)
  4. I have read that moisturizer should be applied at night, however I am currently using epuido at night and I thought that the moisturizer may conflict with it. So I was going to do it in the morning, but then I thought that the moisturizer might have some reaction with sunscreen, which I put on during the day. Will it conflict with either of them?
  5. Thanks, sounds like good advice. But, where would I start learning how different products work? Chemistry textbook?
  6. I've been putting epuido on my back and face for a while now. What is the optimal amount to use, or, to put that another way, how thickly should I spread it?
  7. I'm currently on prescription medication while also trying to get a good regimen together with off-the counter products, and looking in to changing my diet to improve my acne. The only thing is, it seems very difficult to know what to try, there is so much information on here and the web generally, and I can spend literally hours searching through it and not feel as though I'm any closer to knowing what I ought to do. Also, while I appreciate all the advice people bother to give me here, som
  8. Or raw milk/cheese, grass-fed butter, etc. unless you're lactose intolerant, then the above statement is true. Quit with the dairy until your gut flora has repopulated itself (maybe with the aid of a good probiotic among other methods you'll find on this forum) then reintroduce it back a little. Honestly the process is all up to thou. When you say 'gut flora', do you mean that diary has an antibiotic effect? Even yogurt?
  9. How long would I have to go without dairy to determine whether or not it affects my acne? Would I need to cut diary out completely to reliably determine this, or could I just radically cut my consumption down? Also, would there by any way to tell it my acne went away from cutting diary or from other treatments I am doing? I am currently on doxycycline and using epiudio, and I'm also trying to avoid hi-gi foods.
  10. I don't drink a lot of sugary drinks, except milk; I never thought of that having sugar before.
  11. What do you guys think about the possibility that sunscreen could be dangerous? I've heard that it might cause skin cancer but I havn't really looked into it.
  12. Instead of trying to change my diet all at once, I plan to take it one step at a time to make sure a remain consistent. Given that, what should be the first thing I remove, or add, to my diet for acne? Would it be hi-gi foods, or something else? If it helps here is a basic description of my diet. For breakfast I always have weatbix with some sultanas, and usually some other fruit. I normally have two or three meals throughout the day, where I will usually have at least two more pieces of