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  1. Motherfucker! This Elastagen thing, if it really works like they show in the video, may actually be the fucking answer for all of us. I mean this would be a revolution in science. It isn't worth 150 million. It's worth a fucking BILLION dollars. This is the first time I've seen something that (again, if it really works like they show in the video) will save us ALL. I am cautiously (very cautiously) optimistic. Anyone who knows more about pharma etc. please contribute here and tell us when it can
  2. Guys, I'm really depressed. I have very deep scarring, my skin is actually disfigured in places like Freddy Kruger's. And I have deep scarring. What hope can I have?
  3. man 12 years since this thread started and still nothing. How is that even possible that science has been so pathetically slow for something that would be in such huge demand!
  4. Now here's something legit and HUGE. This is very good news. Esp. the part of how the dressing acts as a scaffold for skin regeneration. Get deep laser treatment and then an advanced version of this dressing. Could do wonders. https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2018/03/drawing-inspiration-from-plants-and-animals-to-restore-skin-tissue/
  5. yeah how did you figure I was in my 50s? That really made me chuckle! And even if I was, wouldn't that give me more less life to live with scar free healing making it MORE urgent!? I'll tell you the truth, I'm not in my 50s, I'm actually 74. And I have fourteen grand kids all who have suffered from terrible acne scars. I'M HERE FOR THEM DAMMIT!!!!
  6. Uhm this is complete shit look at her jowel area, all the scars/wrinkles are still there as before. They've just moisturized her skin and changed the lighting. What a bunch of shit. iI mean this is even less effective than most lasers I've seen.
  7. Its kind of sad there's been such little enthusiasm as of late on this thread. Fuck I remember when this thread started 12 years ago and some people had some hope. Can't have much hope now that we got old. Still there's stuff like this. Why isn't anyone talking about this: https://science.howstuffworks.com/innovation/everyday-innovations/lab-grown-skin2.htm
  8. Yeah I talked to a scientist at MIT who works in Tissue Bioengineering. He said the type of things that would lead to total scar remodeling won't be a reality for another 50 years. That's what he said and I challenged him talking about all the exciting research and he said this is all research for it to first even be found there would need to be several quantum jumps in terms of finding sources with which to actually generate enough cells from stem cells and they're not even close to doi
  9. what you guys are looking for is 100 percent new skin. THAT WILL NOT HAPPY ANY TIME SOON (at least not within the next 5-10 years). For someone to come to a simple solution to this would require a true miracle since it would also mean you could have young perfect skin forever. It would be one part of the fountain of youth. The problem is also that collagen and elastin and atrophy begins to happen to acne scars so they get deeper and look worse. Right now the best you can do is microneedlin
  10. these results are crap.
  11. Seriously investigate me all you want. I'm just this one person. Myself.
  12. Well I momentarily succumbed to the hype and started emotionally hoping for a solution. I take all that back. The only way to assess is to look at the scientific data of which there is fucking ZERO when it comes to either Sunogel OR Polarity TE. Where are the peer reviewed studies? Where is the control and the laboratory experiments with independent factors accounted for? I mean just cause the Scaarless guy agrees with me on these points doesn't make us the same person. I mean I'm tryin
  13. I'm not surgical scar dude. I mean you can have the moderator look up my IP address or my email. Just cause Surgical scar seems to agree with few things I say doesn't mean he's me. So seriously you can fuck off with your false accusations.
  14. Ahhh I am ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. Science progresses through active falsification of hypothesis. (Karl Popper) You don't know who Karl Popper is? You don't even deserve to be discussing anything with me. Any hypothesis can be corroborated, but its through the falsification of hypotheses that science PROGRESSES. I'm clearing the wheat from the shaft. I am demonstrating to you all through logical analysis why these supposedly revolutionary technologies don't work. So taht's my invaluable c