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  1. has tazorac helped ANYONE fade their red marks? these red marks are horrible! ive been using tazorac cream for a couple weeks now but im barely seeing any fading, just a little. i have so many all over my face. please tell me someone has had results with red marks fading? how long did it take?
  2. please tell me that tazorac helps with red marks! has it faded anyones red marks completely? how long did it take? i have tons of tiny red marks all over my face its ruining my life i just re-started tazorac about a week ago i know i have a long time left for it to start working but does this help at all with red marks? ive seen some people say it helped theirs and others said it didn't do anything. i hope to god it helps!
  3. wait so does this work? i really want pale pale skin so i'd apply to my whole face! are lemons really a form of bleach? has anyone had success with this?
  4. ya thats what i meant lol. so how is it working? i would probably use it as a toner in the morning, but i would leave it on all day, i wouldn't wash it off. im so confused on what to do because a lot of people are saying dont do it it doesnt do anything but some are saying they got whiter from it!
  5. can this make me paler? im trying to get my skin more white and get rid of a freckle on my nose. has ANYONE used this method or had success?
  6. you should get a 30% cream and use it everynight!! platinumskincare.com
  7. omg fine be like that...you know NOTHING about sunscreens then..just because you were wearing just any old sunscreen doesnt mean ANYTHING! it probably wasn't even STABLE! do you know what STABLE means? most sunscreens in America are not STABLE, which mean their chemical sunscreens break down and are toxic when under the sun!!! so if you are not reapplying EVERY 2 HOURS and you dont have a HIGH PPD sunscreen then you will get nowhere, which is what happened to you..toobad...do you know what PPD i
  8. wow. you've been using for a year and no improvement? that can only mean one thing. you are NOT USING PROPER SUN PROTECTION!!! using retinoids for the first few months makes you more susceptible to photodamage, then it starts thickening the stratum corneum so the sensitivity goes away after a few months. like i said before if using a retinoid is one step forward, going out in the sun without adequate sun protection is like 3 step backward. you need a HIGH PPD SUNSCREEN!!! one with either mexoryl
  9. no its not something to joke about though. seriously, thats probably why a lot of you aren't seeing any results. retinoids, for the first few months, make you more susceptible to photodamage, so wearing high PPD sunscreen is even more important. sunscreens in america aren't stable, therefore they don't block UVA rays (which cause premature aging, the most damage) you need ones from europe, because they have higher quality sunscreen ingredients (mexoryl, tinsorb) that aren't approved here yet bec
  10. remember!!! if you're on a retinoid, IT WONT DO ANYTHING IF YOU'RE NOT WEARING HIGH PPD SUNSCREEN!!!! this has been documented over and over again. going in the sun while using a retinoid wont get you any results if you're not using a high ppd sunscreen!!!! if using a retinoid is 1 step forward, going out in the sun without protection is like 3 steps backward.
  11. ya but results arent apparent until at least a month. i was on cream for 3 weeks and i just started strongest gel a few days ago. i keep looking forward to at max christmas, because ill definitely be clear by then
  12. i had my first vbeam treatment in beginning of september and im going in for my 2nd one on monday. do these help at all with red marks? they said you need 6 treatments, 1 per month, but thats SIX MONTHS!! thats so long and most peoples marks would've faded by themselves already. has anyone had success with vbeam, or should i just stick with tazorac gel .1%?
  13. dont. because you're wrong. it only causes sensitivity for the first few months but after that it compress and thickens (proof if you want it) the stratum corneum, and sun protection is a given, everyone should wear high ppd sunscreens even if not on retinoids. so your statement is wrong.
  14. wow! you guys have no idea how good retinoids are for your skin. retinoids are the most POWERFUL anti-aging treatments, nothing else beats them. nothing can do what retinoids do overtime. using retinoids prevents wrinkles and treats photodamage. there are MANY MANY scientifically proven clinical studies (go to pubmed.com) that document just how wonderful retinoids are to your skin! you were probably not following the directions or you weren't wearing proper sun protection (you MUST WEAR HIGH PPD
  15. presrox


    it'd be better to use it all over because retin-a is a very good retinoid. retinoids prevent wrinkles so you should keep using it so you won't develop wrinkles until way later than everyone else does =)