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  1. Hi fellow skincare addicts, I'm seeking your advice for my skin. What can you tell me based on my pictures /description? So I've had moderate acne since I was 16 (I am now 36). What eventually got rid of it for me was quitting sugar and wheat completely. And now, 3 months ago I started using topical Isotretinoin 0.05% (Retrieve cream) which I believe has helped to keep any more clogged pores or black heads at bay and is helping to gradually fade the leftover acne scars which were also wors
  2. Hi everyone, I have been using these forums for years to get ideas on how to cure my acne. Finally after 17 years of pimples at 33 i am proud to announce that i am acne free and feeling great. All I have to do now is let the scars fade. I will share how it happened. So I have combination skin which is dry and prone to black heads with hormonal breakouts around that time of month especially on the cheeks chin and around the temples. Theres been a few discussions on here as to wheth
  3. None of my links showed up!! I spent ages compiling that list
  4. Starting to put up a few links here, if you throw any of these topics in a google search you will find alot more articles out there. Here are just a few, however most of them are just easy reads and do not cite specific scientific research. So if you have any more reliable sources of information please post them. Likewise if you wish to dispute any of these theories please back up your argument with personal experience or articles. On the dairy/acne connection: Why soy is not your best alter
  5. I have mostly cut out eating red meat and dairy products from my diet. Why? too try to avoid the hormones that are injected into these animals in order to make them lactate more and grow faster. Instead of cow, i drink oat milk and Rice milk (oat is tastier). Not soy because i read somewhere that soy contains phytoeostrogens that can alter your homones too. (will provide links to articles shortly). For protein I eat plenty of free range eggs (twice the nutrient content comes from happier chic
  6. Ever wondered why acne is not among indigenous tribes or isolated communities living off the land... Acne, allergies, asthma and the huge array of personality disorders appearing are all relatively new afflictions and are on the increase. They are products of living in industrialized society and consuming to many toxins that affect our hormones. That is my opinion, I am not a scientist nor a health professional, just an average person trying to become concious about what I consume. In all insta