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  1. Does someone already have experience with this product? Sounds good ... they already did clinical trials and the whole results can be found on their website. 302 Skincare Website I also found a review. What do you think?
  2. @Johnnery: Do you have a weblink of the store where you ordered the TDP Lamp? If it is in the UK, why buy from biolamp then? greets, Sparky
  3. I got the same problem here in Germany. All the tretinoin products are much too harsh and Retin A Micro seems to be a good solution. I also emailed OrthoNeutrogena (the producer), where or perhaps when to get it here. I keep you up-to-date when/if they answer. Greets, Sparky
  4. Hy! Is there a way to get Retin A Micro in Germany? All those Tretinoin products here are much too harsh ... an the Micro Version seems to be a very good solution. Greets, Sparky
  5. @FrankY: No, it´s also for intended scars left by acne. I heard some good and some no results from mederma by others. In my opinion lots of things can work, but people often stop their treatments too fast, cause they see no result after 1 week or so and are disappointed. And no topical can work after that short time. So stick to this procedure and tell us your results, when you are sure it´s working, or when you are sure it´s crap
  6. Hmm, 100$ for this cream is very expensive. I wonder why you don´t mix it yourself. @bez157: Did the seller give you the ingredients for the cream? I wonder why she give it to you and then ask for 100$? If you mix it yourself, you pay about 15$. To the cream: the only thing I notice right away is Calendula. I read of someone, who got good result for her pick scars with pure Calendula oil. But the cream seems to be more like someone went through a list of homeopathic oils, looked for
  7. Hy! I wrote about the Candela Smoothbeam Laser in two other postings here before. But i like to give it an own topic. I have read really good things about this treatment yet. The FDA has cleared it for acne and acne scars (see http://www.candelalaser.com/Smoothbeam2/Ac..._press_web.pdf). There is a good report on http://www.medscape.com (if you want to read it, you have to register ... it´s more for medical professionals). The postings about smoothbeam i´ve read yet were also very pos
  8. Be careful with Exoderm!!! I read that there where 2 people, who died during the treatment, cause the acid got into their blood circulation (hope that this is the right english word). I also read somewhere, that after this treatment your pigmentation is destroyed ... you can´t get a brown skin tone anymore. I don´t know if all this is really true, but in my opinion the risk is too high. Also 70%-80% sounds not so good, when you compare it with that risk and so much money. If I would like to s
  9. Green Peel didn´t work for me. No improvement at all and the treatment was really crap. You can´t wash (with water) your face for 1 week, otherwise it won´t peel the way it should. Also the skin is very red for one week. It´s very expensive and you get far better results with AHA peelings in my opinion. Better invest the money into smoothbeam laser: http://www.candelalaser.com/Smoothbeam2/Ac...s_press_web.pdf