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  1. Feel like I need to change the title of my blog since I'm neither on 40mgs a day nor am I probably going to be off this stuff in 5 months. So, after my derm appointment on the 24th, I'm still on 60mgs a day - and I ended up having a little breakout last week - probably stress related. My ever problematic jawline had 2 little ones develop (which I popped) and I developed another pimple in that problem area on the apple of my left cheek (which I also popped). The good thing is that these pimples a
  2. Sorry I have not been updating, but my skin has been so good that there's been so little to report!!! I have not had ANY breakouts - not ANY - since my last posting!!! Woot! My skin is so smooth - and the only thing I have to contend with are redmarks - and there are a lot of them all over my cheeks. Hope they fade soon so I can go out and about without my makeup! I have my next derm appointment tomorrow - and I expect she'll keep me on another month, which is totally fine by me. I'm scared
  3. I just returned from a beach vacation in the Caribbean - and definitely saw the effects of Accutane - both good and bad. I decided to keep it to 30mgs a day instead of my prescribed 60mgs - just to minimize dryness. To start with the good, my face usually massively breaks out on planes. But no problems this trip! I had one tiny little pimple develop in the middle of my chin, but I popped it, and it has already healed. Sitting in the sun also used to cause major breakouts - but again no probl
  4. Oh my God - I can't believe I've been on this stuff for 100 days! Feels like some sort of anniversary. So update - since my derm appointment last Friday, I've been back up to 60mgs a day again - 1 30 mg. pill in the morning, and 1 at night. I definitely feel the difference from the 30mgs a day. My eyes are kind of perpetually red, my lips are peelier, and I'm so, so tired. Good news is: clear skin! I'm really amazed. Even my mom, who I haven't seen in a couple months, said yesterday - "
  5. So, finally had my derm appointment today. I have a new prescription so I now have enough pills to go back to doing 2 30mg pills a day instead of the 30 mgs once a day. Back up to 60mgs! Actually, dropping down to the 30mgs really helped with side effects. I had more energy this week and my lips weren't unmanageably peely. Worried that they will get really peely again soon, but anything for clear skin! I asked my derm how much longer on Accutane and she said she'd only take me off it onc
  6. Day 90! 3 month mark - can't believe it. So, as i posted in my last post, I'm on 30 mgs. once a day now until I can get a prescription for the next round from my derm - who i won't get to see until Friday. Actually, I like being on the 30 mgs. My dry hands have healed completely and are soft again, my lips are definitely less peely to the point that I can go through the day with only a couple reapplications of aquaphor, and I'm generally less tired. So, definitely feeling the difference, but
  7. Hmm...not sure I like this new acne.org format. Anyhow, status update. I made the mistake of waiting to the last minute to make an appointment with my derm for my monthly check up - so have to wait an extra week. As a result, I have decided to extend the remaining pills I have by taking only one 30 mgs pill a day instead of 2. I figure it's better to stay on the medication than to run out and be off it for a few days even at lower dosage. I'm wondering if this might also help with some s
  8. Not much new to report - I haven't had any new breakouts since my last entry. Yay! Still suffering from red marks which are slowly healing - and I can still feel little bumps along my right jawline. I think these will be the last to heal, but I wish they'd get on with it! Still feeling tired very, very easily - but that's partly because I've been really busy. My nose has also swollen a little on the left nostril. Not sure if this is the accutane, or even if this is acne! It feels kind of like
  9. So, it's been a completely crazy week - hence, I have not been updating - and of course, my skin has taken a bit of a beating. But I have to say, things really are looking so much better! Status: because of the stress and no sleep this past week, my skin has been breaking out. One pimple in each problem area all around my face - but at least it's one small pimple and not 10! I have one on each side of my chin, one on the apple of my right cheek, one on the apple of my left cheek, a couple on
  10. Thanks Maria411! It's really comforting to know I'm not alone and that you've had success with Accutane. Best of luck to you!!
  11. So, maybe spoke too soon since I am experiencing some side effects - and I'm breaking out a little. Let me preface that though by saying, things continue to be just so much better generally! Side effects: I've noticed that I get really tired easily and I sometimes lose my appetite completely. I also have some body aches - as if the Accutane accentuates any minor aches I have from doing anything. Altogether though, not unmanageable - and I think it helps that I recognize that these are probab
  12. Day 6 of taking 60 mgs a day (30 mgs in the morning and 30 mgs at night). So, things continue to be pretty great! No new side effects from upping the medication. The pimple on my left cheek that I popped turned into a nasty huge scab - but it has healed so quickly! I hardly have any mark left at all. It's pretty amazing how fast my skin is turning over these days. Yay! I just have to remember not to pop pimples like that. My skin bruises so easily that it just makes things worse. I'm not c
  13. Sorry - didn't get a chance to update yesterday. So, began the 30mgs twice a day on Sunday and about to begin my third day. The large zit that had developed on my left cheek had not budged, so I popped it last night. It was pretty nasty and now I'll have to live with the scab, but it was so huge! I think this came up because I just started my period yesterday - and I'm optimistic because if this is the only breakout I got during PMS, Accutane is really working! Usually i breakout everywhere!
  14. Final 40mgs pill tonight! Tomorrow I begin with 30mgs twice a day. So, progress report. Pretty much still clear! I had a small cystic pimple develop on the apple of my left cheek, which is very annoying, but it's much smaller than usual and I imagine it's because my period is right around the corner. Otherwise left side continues to be clear and healing! Just have to contend with redmarks. On the right side, still staying pretty clear. I popped the one that had developed along my jawline.
  15. Pill #58 tonight! Very excited! Still haven't had any major breakouts. A few little bumps along my right jawline have become inflamed - but remain small and just a little red - nothing major and very easy to cover up. HURRAYY!!! Left side, forehead, T-zone, and right cheek are all clear - just some redmarks. Only area that still needs to clear up now is my right jawline - which has always been the most acne troubled spot for years!! Also, I went in for my monthly blood test yesterday. My d