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  1. Sleeping as much as possible will make it heal faster. I can 95% peel in 4-5 days with TCA 35% if I sleep 12 hours a day. You must drink lots of water and eat right. I try to get plenty of protien and vitamin C. You must keep your skin moist. if you leave it dry it will crack and bleed from eating, yawning and even smiling. Leaving it dry can make it rip off too soon and will cause you to scab over or repeal. i tried it dry and it took 2 weeks to heal with just TCA 25%. Get in and out of hot sho
  2. when i had bellafil done they subcised me with the needled they used to inject the bellafil. Also how will the filler stay in 1 place if such a large area of the face has been subcised. There wouldnt be surrounding good tissue to trap the filler in that specific spot. I guess if they do it after a large area is subcised they could outline the areas on your face that need filler before the subcision starts but theyd just be guessing on how much you needed bc of the swelling.
  3. @ailaeshizI only said I wanted it to have a 3mm setting bc I absolutely do not believe its depth readings are accurate or at least not accurate once it hits the skin. I think 3.0mm would actually give me 2mm real world result. Theres no reason why I shouldnt be able to feel penetration at 1.0mm unless my unit is defective. At 1mm I feel a slight prick SOMETIMES...I should feel a slight prick at .25mm but I feel nothing there. I also think that scars are thicker than undamaged skin and need more
  4. I feel like single needle goes deeper but I can tell you that setting the derminator to 1.5mm feels like im wasting my time. If it only went to 1.5mm I may not even use it. I do spots with the single needle and I use the 9 needle for my entire face since I have so much scarring and its hard to see it in a mirror unless the lighting is perfect. I do my entire neck with the 9 needle cartridge bc it would take hours to single needle it. I would single needle bad scars 1st bc once you start needling
  5. on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst I give yours a 2.5. Also you have a full face so that will help hide some scarring. It doesnt look like you have any deep craters from tissue loss so you should have a great chance of improvement.
  6. its hard to tell bc it takes so long to heal. like the person who started this thread and claimed they only got 10-15% improvement over 2 months didnt give their body enough time to heal and create more collagen and should not have been able to even use the derminator more than 3 times bc they should have been waiting at least 4 weeks between using it. 10-15% improvement after 2 months actually sounds amazing. People are just very lazy, have no patience or are not realistic about what they are d
  7. I had 2 subcisions and 1 fraxel ablative resurfacing from 2013-2014. I had 5 or 6 syringes of bellafill in 2015. I have done 2 35% peels this year and maybe 7 20-25% peels since 2013. I have used the derminator on my face maybe 6 times since march.
  8. Thank you. These are before I had anything professional done in 2013. I think Id have a lot more improvement if I drank more water which is what Im trying to do right this moment. Im not gonna show any real after pics until march 2018 bc that will be 1 year after my 1st 35% tca peel and using the derminator pretty often. If only I could make my face swollen all the time without the bruising or blood lol.
  9. Using a regular dermastamp or rolling is horrific and pure torture compared to the derminator. I like to set mine to 1.0mm and needle for 30 seconds just to get the fear out of me and to activate my pain tolerance. Then I do 1.5mm for maybe a minute then I set it to the max of 2.25mm and get to work.
  10. single needle derminator 2.25mm max speed 20 hours later. Thats all the blood I could get off without wiping it hard.
  11. I just went to town on my face with the single needle for the 1st time at 2.25mm at max speed. I normally use the 9 needles but I now prefer the single needle as long as I have the time. I'll try to post some pics to see if tearing can be seen. They will be taken with a 50MP camera so it will be the next best thing to a microscope. I did this less than 24 hours ago so hopefully its not too early or too late for pics.
  12. Its because the time it takes to treat that 1 scar is not much more than to treat half your face. My full face cost 1200 each time. You are taking up a room for at least 30 minutes to an hour. They prep the room for you, inject you with something to numb you, give you time to become numb and then do the procedure. Also if they have an assistant their time is being paid and given to you. How much do you think it should cost? Then think about how much time was invested and divide that money by the
  13. I had bellifill done and it is more for spot treatment than doing some sort of massive facial volumization (made the word up but it works I guess). I do have spots where it was used that I can feel are thicker than the rest of my skin. There are also spots on my face that were injected on 4 different occasions and it seems like my skin just "ate" it and there was no change. I was told by my doctor that what you see with bellifill after the procedure is what you get but I dont believe that to be
  14. I had cystic acne on my back as well. If I were you Id ask the doctor who has given me acne scar treatments and he may be willing to give you his opinion. He never treated my back. He only treated my face but he has treated burn victims and he is a big deal in the Nashville area. Not saying you would go to him but his opinion might help you get an idea of what can be done. His name is Brian Biesman. This is his account on real self https://www.realself.com/find/Tennessee/Nashville/Oculoplastic-S
  15. @ChildhoodDreams What % worse would you say your scarring is compared to mine