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  1. robiii

    Oily skin..

    Hey man, I have the exact same problem as you. I also have the same "health" habits(minus organic.. I realized I was going too far at that point after a while ;P), and my skin gets really oily soon after showering. I also don't break out anywhere except my forehead and temples(though mostly my temples). Absolutely nothing on my cheeks or chin unless I let it grow too much and then decide to shave(which is prob instead just caused by an ingrown hair anyway). To be honest, on certain complexions,
  2. I would highly suggest you DON'T follow the acne.org regimen. Your skin seems to be irritated, and if you're worried about the appearance of pores trust me just skip all of the OTC stuff and ESPECIALLY BP. It's horrible for sensitive skin. An antibiotic could probably eliminate all of the redness within a few weeks since that's what you're concerned ab out(well, it did for me at least).
  3. I think for most people it doesn't. If I try hard enough to believe it, I will think it does but in reality I drink a lot of milk now and my skin's cleared up so I dunno
  4. Yep, its true. Since I started working out a lot and eating more calories I started to get oily skin too. But don't worry, since you're 18 you'll most likely outgrow it in a few years.
  5. O yeah also using a deep acting acne treatment such as tazorac/retin a and especially an antibiotic should greatly lower the effect of an ib on accutane being any worse than acne you'd get at a normal rate anyway since your lower layers of skin should be "purged" at that point. That is, if they had been doing what they should at least but everyone is different.
  6. According to the derms I talked to, a topical should take a good 12 to 14 weeks to start working properly(well for retinoids at least). You can take antibiotics during this period and then try to taper off and see if you still breakout on just the topical afterwards. If after a lot of time on Retinoids you're still breaking out then accutane might be your best bet. Besides that if you're a girl I hear that bc pills(Yaz in specific) can work wonders. Good luck :D
  7. For very inflamed acne(which I also had), antibiotics in particular works wonders. Also, after shaving try to get an alcohol-based aftershave(and the great thing is they tend to be cheaper too!)
  8. *ignoring last post from the guy with the permanently destroyed mind* Yeah so wtff.... I go to the dermatologist today and the same story basically happens. The dermatologist is like "paperwork ready? bloodwork good? Great, lets get you started!" and then he pauses "before I get the prescription, I have to get approval from the head supervisor of the shift". She comes in after I hear them sort of debating and says: "Oh my, your face looks like a post-accutane face!"... and then after pleading w
  9. "my day is destroyed". Srsly man you're being a drama queen now. What about the entire rest of the day? You're not even making an effort to help yourself by changing your own way of thinking. Just comfortable with simply being negative about it. Somebody else can't help you if you don't even want to try to help yourself. I quit replying to your posts.God forbid one day when you're facing the world as an independent person that you find any real problems to deal with -_-
  10. "actual" cause? Riiight! The biggest cause of acne are on acne bacteria which feed on sebum. The skin being clogged or not does not affect but can aggravate the condition. Sebum is produced by glands which are triggered by hormones. It's not rocket science, folks! This is why accutane in the real(not acne.org land) world cures or significantly reduces acne in over 98 percent of patients. I also agree with the poster. Avoiding food that does not have any ill effects other than acne is not realist
  11. This is a great post. Personally, I believe that you can't cure something internally by applying things externally. And, if your hygiene is good and you get acne then its pretty much a problem that your body is creating it internally(either from simply producing too much oil or hormones). For me(and this is after trying retinoids, BP, SA, and every single annoying diet), I find the only thing that has works is antibiotics but those can be really bad in the long term... soo gonna try Accutane as
  12. I agree with what a lot of people have said recently. You're worrying a bit too much. We've all done this at time to time, but you have to eventually learn to let go. I used to have this problem, so I can understand but you can't expect to be in control of everything. Yeah, your skin ISN'T perfect. So what? Mine isn't, everyone here's and everyone everywhere's isn't. This is why models get paid so much to just exist(and yeah, even they're not perfect). I can admit getting constant breakouts is
  13. lol all of these questions man; This is all irrelevant to what I am interested in, which is to literally cure acne... but I typically sleep between 6-9 and a half hours and I eat sensibly, not health nut ish but not as bad as 9/10 Americans.(Not going to list everything but off of the top of my head: honey nut cheerios is the cereal i choose, the non quick mix oatmeal sometimes I put honey in, tuna sandwiches w relish and mustard, pb/honey sandwiches, whole wheat bread, 1% milk, subways chicken
  14. I'm thinking about it. 2 more days. At the same time, I don't really like my photos being all over the internet at the same time, so meh. LoL also, so the last time I went I hadn't broken out in a while and I told them it was because I was eating/sleeping perfectly, and the derm told me "acne and diet has no correlation". In the last week I've purposely ate a bit more junk food and went drinking twice, and I'm having a pretty noticeable breakout. Just wanted to prove a point before I see them
  15. have said this many times :whistle: just a mater of waiting for my next appointment.