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  1. Hey i just started that system two days ago..but it seems like my acne is getting worse...what system are you on..im doing the wash with the two lotion things then i also have the mask..please help i cant stand all this searching and no results
  2. hey..you know what it means when u start a new year of highschool...stress..well dont give up on your cleaning because if u slack off it can get worse faster then it can get bettter...my face ahs improved aloooooot more then it used to be..the acne cleanig system has been working really well but i stopped the oxy pads and that seemed to help the redness alot..im here for any questions you have. always here -LC <3
  3. hey followers, sorry about not blogging..i got lost in sun, tan and summer here in cali...where has the summer gone..10 days left tell my new school...AH! totally not ready...well my face atleast. :/ well i have switched over to acne free three step cleaning thing instead of oxy..my progress..better..but still acne..i have been using terminator spot tretment also and that has made the pimple actually not swel up into a bumb which is good for me cause its easier to cover with my makeup. i also ha
  4. i feel so embarrased walking around my houise in the morning when i break out really bad in just on spot..its like my face would be totally normal if it didnt have just that one spot..still on the same drugs and face cleaning shit..hopefully it all kicks in soon..hope for the best -LC <3
  5. LC22

    shit..said to soon..

    ah! ok here i thought my face was getting all better, well slowly..and then i get home from the fair and im breaking out on the sides of my chin and a little on my forhead...SUCKS BALLS!! i didnt eat anything there (ew thats nasty) and so know i am going on a fruit diet..nothing but fruit water and crackers k done hopefully my face heals up..i am going to the waterslides next saturday and my face cant look like this..ugh..bugged
  6. dont you hate when you wish you didnt pop a zit and then you wake up the next morning and it looks worse then it did before you popped it..AH! so frustrating cause its the only thing on my face that looks bad..blah..well ill try to cover it with make up...*leaves to go try*...AH not working..blah..ok well ima go work my magic and see what i do..any suggestions..always here to help -LC <3
  7. Hey, a good make up to hide acne and help prevent it from happening is Neutragena Clear Skin Makeup.. i have been using it for about two weeks now and i have noticed alot. They have a conceler and a powder and i use all three cause and they work real well together, oh and no worries theyll have your color Always there to help -LC <3 P.S sorry bout my bad spelling hah
  8. LC22

    dum de dum..

    Well my face is clearing up so thats a plus but when i dont have my makeup on my face still looks ugly from the scaring and a little redness..ah my wish is that by the 22nd when i go the the waterslide with my friend that i will be able to get my face wet and not have to worry about my blemishes..well still got time..hope for the best always there to help -LC <3
  9. Acne, Acne, Acne....is going away!! When i woke up this morningi could tell my face was getting better..i havent got a new pimple in three days and my face hasent been dry, besides the end of my nose idk why hah, im pretty excited because my three pills are working..wel atleast one but it kinda sucks cause idk which one..i hope this continues to work so i can have clear skin the rest of my two years in highschool and hopefully forever Thanks for following and you can comment on my Blogs you kn
  10. LC22

    almost there..i hope

    Hey Hey..well when i put my makeup on i felt like it was so much easier and my face looked so nice and not so acneee! i think that only means one thing...THE PILLS ARE WORKING!! yay now i excited to go out and party..well not party..just a basketball game amd a little shopping haha well i hope these pills continue to work so i dont have to drink vinegar..wish me luck and i hope my blogs continue to help you..always there to help -LC <3 The Stuff I Use: Oxy face wash Oxy face pads Neu
  11. Hey, Im back..well after a boring day of mainly just running to target to get some makeup i needed and coming out of the store where i went in and it was 80 to coming out to 60 degree weather...i love the cold why, cause i have more cute outfits for the cold weather:) back to the main reason why your prob readin this is my face...well a possitive thing is that my mom and i have both noticed that it has improved yay..i think its the new pils well i hope it is...blaah i nneed to eat better th
  12. Happy Monday..i thought today was tuesday so i was excited for my basketball game but nope...so my face..um wel the reddness and bumps are going down which im happy about but still got my chapped lips from my 6 hour tanning day ..im on my second full day of taking my vinegar pills and hopefully they will work for the best...havent put my makeup on yet, i have decided to let my face breath tell i go out later today to do some shoppin and by more makeup cause im almost out..ya wel that was a bori
  13. hey i have used a couple times when i have popped a small one before which ended up turning into a big bump as well..what i have tried and now use many times is ICE. get just a piece out of the freezer and put it in a towel so your hand doesnt get cold while your holding the open piece of ice on the bump..it seems to help me but making the tenderness and reddness go away and easier to cover up always there -LC
  14. Morning, well afernoon i slept in hah..well i just finshed washing my face with Oxy Medication Wash which i have been using and then whipped the acne area with the Oxy pads they have then i used the Oxy spot treatment(im a oxy girl;) hah)..i have asked my doc alot about my face and he said this wash system should work well..but im still getting new acne and it makes me frustrated when i put my Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup on and i see that i have no acne..well i guess ima have to see how my n
  15. Hey, Im LC im just a regular teenage girl who wants to live life to the fullest..but theres one thing that can hold me back if im not careful..acne! I cant stand it..i have tried so many medicines from *Minocycline medicine that my docter gave me the idea to try,(which works REALLLLY well for like the first 6 months then stops working!! i used to have clearer skin then i do now and right now i have acne on my face when i thought i would never get it after this pill but guess not) too *Loryna(b